Tips for Reading Your Cat’s Body Language

reading your cat's body language

Cat communication is tricky. We can’t read their minds, but felines give us subtle clues about what they’re thinking. Here are some tips for reading your cat’s body language so you’ll have a better idea of what your kitty is trying to say.
reading your cat's body language

Pay Attention to Your Cat’s Tail

Your cat’s tail is one of the most obvious indicators of their thoughts. Generally, your cat’s tail will be pointed upward, which is a sign that they’re content and healthy. If your cat’s tail is pointed downward, they may feel threatened or fearful. While a dog will wag their tail to show excitement, a cat’s wagging tail usually signals annoyance or agitation. If you see your cat doing this, it’s probably best to leave them alone.

reading your cat's body language

Look Into Your Cat’s Eyes

You can tell a lot about how your cat is feeling by looking into their eyes. When your cat’s eyes are droopy and half-closed, they’re happy and content. On the other hand, if their eyes are wide and the pupils appear to be dilated, your cat is feeling surprised. If your cat gazes at you while blinking slowly, take it as a compliment. Some believe this is how cats say “I love you.”reading your cat's body language

Notice Your Cat’s Poses

To understand your cat’s body language, don’t ignore your cat’s poses. The infamous Halloween-style pose, where your cat’s back is arched and their claws are out, is a good indication they feel threatened and may be in attack mode. If your cat does this pose, stay away to avoid any scratches.

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