Here’s What You Need For A Cat-Friendly Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Cat-Friendly Apartments

We tend to give dogs a lot of love around here, but the truth is, we’re cat people too. Cats typically don’t get as much coverage than dogs because they’re usually easier to care for than their pup-counterparts. Aside from feeding, playing, brushing, and cleaning your cat’s litter box, your feline probably takes care of herself on her own. But that doesn’t mean you’re totally off the hook. It’s your duty to be sure your apartment is as safe and comfortable place for your kitty to make herself at home. Today on the blog, we’ll show you the essentials of a cat-friendly apartment.

Chicago Apartments, Cat-Friendly Tips

Give Her Higher Ground

If you’ve ever been a cat-parent before, you know that cats love to be in high places. There are a few reasons for this, but it’s mainly because they feel safe being above ground. After all, potential predators could be lurking on the floor (like a Roomba!). Height may also be a status symbol in the feline world. Whatever the reasons are, you’ll make your cat happy by giving her a spot to perch on. Window panes are sometimes enough to keep her satisfied. You can also make your cat comfortable by putting a small bed on a high-up spot, such as the top of a dresser. If you’d prefer to keep your cat off your furniture, consider investing in a cat tower or perch. We love this one because it’ll allow your cat to look out the window while sitting above ground.

Chicago Apartments, Cat-Friendly Tips

Make Time For Play

Cats are such independent creatures, you may be surprised to know that they benefit from frequent playtime just as much as dogs do. If you have a young cat, chances are she’s a little crazy. Younger cats are full of energy, and the best way to tire them out is to play with them. A good play session will provide exercise for lazy house cats, and will also help them sleep more soundly. Plus, cats can become bored, so playing with her will help keep her occupied. Keep some toys around your apartment to keep your cat happy.

Chicago Apartments, Cat-Friendly Tips

Keep Her Nails Trim

Dog owners know they have to trim their pup’s paws regularly, but did you know cat claws require love too? While scratching posts help keep cat’s nails in check, they still need to be manicured to make sure they don’t grow too long. Keep some cat nail clippers handy to ensure you have a cat-friendly apartment.

Chicago Apartments, Cat-Friendly Tips

Keep Her Cozy

Cats are always looking to burrow into small little spaces. It makes them feel safe and secure. To make your apartment cat-friendly, be sure to include some cozy spots for her to curl up in. There are lots of cat beds available, but a good old fashioned cardboard box will also do just fine (in fact, your cat may prefer a box to the fancier beds).

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