What You Should Know About Caring For Snake Plants

What You Should Know About Caring For Snake Plants

Snake plants are known for their resilience. As one of the toughest house plants available, they’re great for beginner indoor-gardeners, but their striking features makes them a popular choice for even the most experienced plant parents. There are multiple varieties of snakes plants, and many show off long, spiky, vibrant limbs that reach up to the sky. Some also have more rounded shapes to their leaves, with hues hues of silver or amber. Caring for snake plants is simple, and we’ll walk you through the details below.

What You Should Know About Caring For Snake Plants

What You Should Know About Caring For Snake Plants

Potting Your Snake Plant

Like many house plants, snake plants can fall victim to root rot. To help keep yours healthy, choose a free-draining soil. Or better yet, choose a soilless potting mixture for your snake plant. As for pots, go with terra cotta for best results.

Watering Your Snake Plant

Snake plants prefer to be left alone for the most part. When it comes to caring for your snake plant, you’ll only need to waters your when its soil or mixture is completely dry. Try your best not to get your snake plants leaves wet when watering it.

Snake Plant Lighting Needs

Another great thing about snake plants is that they can be tolerant to low-light conditions, which makes them a great choice for apartments. But for your snake plant to thrive, place it in front of bright, indirect light. Tip: if you can’t provide your snake plant with much like, stick with a darker-leafed variety.

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