How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

Kittens can be annoyingly hyper, but most grow out of it. *Most* — not all. If your cat is six months or older and still acting out, it may be time to accept that you’ve got a crazy cat on your hands. Running around your apartment, scratching everything in sight, incessant meowing — sound familiar? Good news: There are some steps you can take to tame your kitty. Here’s our best advice for how to calm down a crazy cat.

How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

Provide Playtime in Your Apartment

Cats love to play, and they need playtime to stay happy and healthy. Without toys, they’ll get bored, and they’re more likely to get into “trouble” around your apartment. You don’t have to do anything fancy for cats. A piece of string or a crinkled paper ball will usually be enough to entertain them!

How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

If you do want to purchase some special toy treats for your cat, you have lots of choices. We recommend investing in a cat tree or cat tower, which provides entertainment, at least one scratching post, and a place to rest. Check out some available cat towers on Chewy.comAnother option is to invest in an electronic interactive cat toy, which can provide some stimulation for your cat when you’re busy.

How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

Try a Soothing Remedy for Your Cat

Another way to calm down a crazy cat is to try using a soothing remedy Options include herbal calming sprays, pet-friendly CBD oil, and feline pheromone diffusers. These products work to calm down your cat in natural, safe ways. 

How to Calm Down a Crazy Cat

Take Care 

We aren’t pointing any paws. But if you’re trying to calm down a crazy cat, it’s worth acknowledging you may be contributing to the issue somehow. Cats can be confusing and their crazy behavior could be a red flag that they need some attention. Here are a few questions to consider asking yourself:

How Often Are You Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually enjoy getting dirty. If your cat’s litter box is dirty, it can be stressful for them, which could lead to “crazy” behavior. Clean the litter once a day to be safe.

How Often Are You Grooming Your Cat?

Not only do cats require a clean litter box — they need to be clean themselves, too. A healthy cat will clean herself every day. But if your cat is struggling to groom herself, it may cause her to demonstrate bad behavior from stress. This typically happens if a cat is overweight and is unable to reach all areas of her body to clean herself. If you suspect this is happening with your cat, ask your vet for advice on how to get her back to a healthy, happy weight.

How Often Are You Cuddling With Your Cat?

Domesticated house cats need attention and love to feel satisfied and content. If you aren’t giving your cat enough pets and snuggles, they may start acting crazy. And really, can you blame them? Cats need love just like us humans do, so don’t skimp on rubs.

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