How To Calm Down A Crazy Cat

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Anyone who’s adopted a kitten knows they’re very playful, if not slightly annoying. But most kitties grow out of it. However, not all of them do. If your cat is over six months in age and is still acting out, you may have to accept that you’ve got a crazy cat on your hands. Any animal is unpredictable, but cats can be especially sneaky: They can act cuddly and sweet half the time, only to turn into a monster mere minutes later. They also tend to get extra hyper at night time, kind of like mini-werewolves. Running around your apartment, scratching everything in sight and making lots of noise are some favorite pastimes of unhinged felines. But don’t give up hope. There are some steps you can take to tame your kitty, especially if their hyperactivity is due to an underlying cause. Check out our best advice for how to calm down a crazy cat below.

Chicago Apartments, Cat Tips

Provide Playtime

Cats naturally love to play. They need energy outlets in order to be happy and healthy. If they don’t have access to toys, they may take out all their pent up energy on your apartment instead.

Chicago Apartments, Cat Tips

Providing your kitty with balls, strings and other cat toys may entertain them for hours, and can keep them from getting into trouble due to boredom. There are so many options when it comes to cat toys, so you can try a few out to see what kind your cat prefers. We recommend investing in a cat tree or cat tower, which can provide not only entertainment for your cat, but also a scratching post, and a place to rest. Check out some available cat towers on Also, for an especially hyper cat, lasers can be a lot of fun. Just be sure to allow your cat to catch something at the end of playtime, like a treat or a ball. If you allow your cat to chase a laser without any “reward,” their behavior may actually become worse, as this stresses them out.

Another option is to invest in an automatic cat toy, like this one here. This is an especially good idea if you aren’t home a lot, because it will provide your cat with attention and entertainment while you’re out.

Chicago Apartments, Cat Tips

Try Calming Solutions

Another way to calm down a crazy cat is to try out some of the calming products that are available on the market. Options include herbal calming sprays, pet-friendly CBD oil and feline pheromone diffusers. These products all work to calm down your cat in natural, safe ways. 

Chicago Apartments, Cat Tips

Take Care

We aren’t pointing any paws. But if you’re trying to calm down a crazy cat, it’s worth it to acknowledge the possibility that something you’re doing is playing a part in their spastic behavior. Cats can be sensitive to things, and their crazy behavior could be a cry for help in disguise. Here are things to consider:

How Often Are You Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Cat’s are naturally clean creatures. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t typically into getting dirty. So if their litter box isn’t clean, it can cause distress to a cat. A dirty litter box could result in your cat acting out because they’re unhappy, so be sure to keep your kitty’s litter box nice and clean. Clean it out once a day to be safe.

How Often Are You Grooming Your Cat?

Not only do cats require a clean litter box — they need to be clean themselves, too. A healthy cat will clean herself every day. But if your cat is struggling to groom herself, it may cause her to demonstrate bad behavior, due to stress. This typically happens if a cat is overweight and is unable to reach all areas of her body to clean herself. If you suspect this is happening with your cat, ask your vet for advice on how to get her back to a healthy, happy weight.

How Often Are You Cuddling With Your Cat?

Domesticated house cats crave love and attention. They need attention in order to feel satisfied and content. If you aren’t giving your cat enough pets and snuggles, she may start acting crazy. And really, can you blame her? Cats need love just like us humans do, so don’t slack on the belly rubs.