Buying & Hanging Curtains: A Quick How-To Guide

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Some home decor items are essential, while others are just for fun. And then there are items that are both. Curtains fall into the latter category. Not only do curtains help with privacy; they can act as the finishing touch to your intentionally styled space, or they can breath new life into an outdated room.

They offer additional benefits, too. Curtains can help make a small room appear spacious. Blackout curtains enable you to sleep for hours into the morning without a sliver of daylight creeping in, while sheer curtains give way to lots of natural light. Curtains of varying fabric thickness can even help with insulation issues. Whatever your style or needs are, curtains have you covered.

When it comes time to find, purchase and hang your curtains, things can get a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Below, we’re covering everything you need to know, from where to purchase curtains to how to determine the right kind for your needs and style. As a reminder, make sure you review your landlord’s rules before purchasing or hanging any curtains.

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Where To Buy Curtains: Our Recommendations

Amazon: These days, Amazon has it all. Curtains are no exception. You’ll find a seemingly endless selection of curtains on Amazon at a range of price points, which is why we recommend it for anyone. No matter what type of curtains you’re looking for, chances are high the Amazon has them for sale.

Target: Target is a great option for those looking for curtains on a budget. They make it simple to shop for curtains in any length, style or sheerness. You’ve got three options for making your purchase — you can order online, shop in-store or select your curtains online to pick up in the store at your convenience.

West Elm: There’s no better place to buy sophisticated, on-trend home decor items than West Elm. They offer a wide selection of high-quality curtains and drapes in chic styles and shades. Their price point is higher than Target or Amazon, but you can often grab a good deal during one of their sales.

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Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains can be complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Before you can get started, you’ll need to take some measurements. Determining the width and length of your windows is critical before making any purchases.

The first step to making any curtain purchases should be taking measurements. You’ll need to measure the width and length of your windows so you know the correct size rods and curtains to purchase. Be sure to select curtain rods that are wider than the width of your window.

Start by measuring the window width from left to right. As a general rule of thumb, your curtains will need to be two to three times the width of your windows in order to provide complete coverage and a look of “fullness.”

Next, measure the length of your windows. Start at the top and end either at the sill, past the sill or all the way down to the floor depending on your personal preference. Typically, longer drapes create a more formal look. But be careful — curtains that hang a few inches off the floor can create the illusion of lower ceilings.

For more information about measuring for curtains, check here.

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Other Things To Consider

Fabrics: Determining the fabric you want for your curtains is another important step in the process. Consider what you want to get out of your curtains. Are you looking for complete privacy, or do you want something primarily decorative? Determine your needs and decide the type of fabric that would be best for you. Softer fabric blends provide more natural light, while thicker fabrics can give extra privacy and warmth.

Color/Style: The color and style of your curtains should depend on both your personal preference as well as the room they’re in. Curtains provide a great opportunity to add a pop of color to a neutral space. If your vibe is already pretty bold, you may want to keep your curtains simple so that it doesn’t get too crowded. Be sure to consider all these factors before buying curtains.


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