Busy Wallpaper: How To Make It Work In Your Apartment

Chicago Apartments, Living Room, Busy Wallpaper

In the world of home decor, minimalism has reigned for quite some time. Recently, though, the pendulum has swayed in the opposite direction. Maximalism has been growing in popularity over the past year, and we’re here for it. Unlike minimalism, maximalism is easy to overdo if you don’t know how to go about it right. One of the trends we’re most excited about is bold, busy wallpaper, but it also is one that needs to be executed correctly in order to look chic, no cluttered. Today, we’re offering advice for pulling off busy wallpaper in your apartment.

Before anything else, you’ll need to make sure your property management company allows wallpaper in your rental. Once you have their approval, you can get to the good part: picking out the right wallpaper for your small space. If wallpaper is a no-go, you can always opt for the temporary versions of your favorite designs.

Chicago Apartments, Busy Wallpaper Decor

Think Big

When choosing a busy wallpaper design for your home, go big. Larger patterns help to create a bold vibe without looking too messy, while smaller details may look overdone, especially in a small space. Pick a wallpaper pattern that has large features to avoid an overly cluttered look.

Chicago Apartments, Busy Wallpaper Decor

Placement Is Key

When styling your space with maximalist wallpaper, choosing the prime spot is key to making it work. With busy styles, you’ll want to narrow it down to one wall as opposed to covering your whole apartment with the same pattern. You may even consider choosing an extra small spot, like a hallway wall, to test out the trend before committing to a larger area.

Chicago Apartments, Busy Wallpaper Decor

Find Common Ground

Maximalism allows your play around with various colors, textures, and even trends. But to make maximalist wallpaper work in your home, there needs to be some semblance of cohesiveness throughout your decor. It may be a broad-ranging color palette that you stick with or a more stylistic theme. Either way, choose a meeting ground for your items to meet, and use that foundation to select your wallpaper’s design.


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