Burger Bar Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Burger Bar, Powerhouse Veggie

1578 N. Clybourn
P 312.255.0055
F 312.255.995
Even a casual reader of our blog knows that we LOVE burgers, so we cannot explain why it took us so long to visit Burger Bar in Lincoln Park – but we are happy we finally did! What we found was a unique menu, outstanding service and a cool – hip ambiance! We went for lunch so even though we did not indulge, we could not help but notice the awesome beer selection – we will be back for dinner!

Double Dippin’

Chicago Apartments, Burger Bar
Hands down the best starter we have had all year! The roasted garlic edamame with toasted bread was fresh and flavorful. The chunky and creamy guacamole rivaled any that we have at traditional Mexican Restaurant!

Belly Up

Chicago Apartments, Burger Bar, Belly Up Burger
I was a little nervous when I read the description – braised pork belly and apple slaw w/ roasted garlic aioli – but the flavors and textures worked perfectly together!

En Fuego

Chicago Apartments, Burger Bar, En Fuego
I was in the mod for something spicy and this burger with jalapenos, pickled red onions, chiuahua cheese and guacamole really hit the spot – simply delicious!

Powerhouse Veggie

Chicago Apartments, Burger Bar, Powerhouse Veggie
Super tasty and moist – if I was blindfolded, I never would have known I was eating a veggie burger!
To sum up, super fun place with great music and a fun atmosphere and the best burgers we have found in Lincoln Park … so far!
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