Bring Some Green Into Your Apartment

We love to follow trends, especially when it comes to decorating. Currently the most popular color being used in home decorating is green. This is the perfect accent color for your apartment because the color evokes a sense of harmony, order and balance. Green is a calm and refreshing color that is reflective in nature. It signifies growth, renewal, life and the environment.
PPM set out to find several ways for you to incorporate green items into your apartment so that you can get in on the current decorating trend for under $100. In fact, most of the items we selected are under $20. At that price maybe you can add more than one to your apartment.
1. St. Jude Ceramic Owl, West Elm, $14.00
2. Curve Short Green Wine Glass, CB2, $4.95
3. 4-Piece Pinch & Pour Prep Bowl Set, Crate & Barrel, $14.95
4. Gelato Tray, Z-Gallerie, $19.99
5. Threshold Grid Shower Curtain, Target $19.99
6. Black + Blum Box Appetit, West Elm, $23.00
7. Shades Of Green, Z-Gallerie, $89.95
8. Grass In Silver Pot, Z-Gallerie, $39.95
9. Button-up Double Green Stripe Pillow, CB2, $14.95
10. Cirque Chartreuse Vase, CB2, $19.95

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