Brain Freeze: 5 Tasty Ways to Get It

There are lots of reasons to love summer, but one of our favorites – ice cream.
We at PPM Chicago Apartments have spent our summer trying out pretty much every frozen treat shop our neighborhoods (Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast) have to offer.   It’s been a deliciously daunting task, and from it we’ve realized that there are more ice cream variations than you can shake a spoon at.  Below you will find a teenie bit of info about 5 different kinds, and our favorite place to get each.

Ice Cream

What is it?  The mother of all creamy frozen treats.  To be called ice cream, a product must have at least 10% milk fat.
Best Place to get it: Bobtail Ice Cream @ 2951 N. Broadway.  Why?  Bobtail is famous for being the only place in the city with truly homemade ice creams.  Plus, we love their adult ice cream flavors, like the Signature Sunset, made with merlot and dark chocolate.

Frozen Kefir

What is it?  Like frozen yogurt, but with 10x the live cultures in yogurt, making it much healthier.
Best Place to get it: Starfruit Café @ 2142 N. Halsted (or even better, the Kefir Truck)  Why?  It’s healthier and lower in calories than any of the other milk-based treats.  Plus it’s lactose free, making it good for doggies.   Our office dog, Butkus LOVES it.

Italian Ice

What is it?  A vegan-friendly, non-dairy, frozen fruit juice treat made using the same mixing technique as ice cream.
Best Place to get it:  Soupbox @ 2943 N Broadway Ave.  Why?  Soupbox makes their Italian ice (called Icyfruit) from scratch daily, with over 25 flavors in rotation.  Each contains chunks of real fruit, and they have oddball flavors like grapefruit, pistachio, and coconut.

Frozen Yogurt

What is it? A mixture of yogurt and milk that is lower in fat than ice cream, and is healthier (if it has active cultures).
Best place to get it: Berrymoon @ 2618 N. Clark Street   Why?  Berrymoon has a bunch of uncommon flavors (peanut butter, red velvet) and over 30 self-serve toppings, so you can go as crazy as you want to.

Scooter’s Frozen Custard Night @ PPM

Frozen Custard

What is it? Ice cream made extra smooth and creamy by adding egg yolk, and by using a process that whips in less air than traditional ice cream.
Best place to get it: Scooter’s Frozen Custard (1658 W. Belmont Ave) Why? Trying Scooter’s “so thick and creamy it can be served upside-down!”Concrete mixer is a must.  Plus, Citysearch voted Scooter’s the best ice cream in Chicago.
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