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Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Bountiful Eatery

With warm weather finally approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting that body ready for the beach! Obviously a solid exercise program is a must, but no program is complete without proper nutrition.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. 70% of your results are made at the dinner table, not in the gym. Anyone who is serious about getting in shape should make sure that their eating habits are aligned with their goals. For most fitness enthusiasts, (myself included) cooking and preparing healthy meals can be very time consuming. Now, if only there were a local restaurant that served healthy, delicious meals at reasonable prices…
Oh wait, there is!! Bountiful Eatery in Lakeview has been serving up healthy, gluten-free meals since 2012. The entire menu is created with the health-conscious individual in mind, and it certainly doesn’t skimp on taste! Even better, the prices are extremely reasonable. For the cost of a burger and fries at your neighborhood pub, you can enjoy a healthy protein packed meal! Check out our video review!
So what if you still want to have a burger? They’ve got you covered. As a matter of fact, Bountiful Eatery’s bison burger was rated #1 by GrubHub! I recently stopped by for lunch with a few friends and heard nothing but rave reviews:
“The Bison Burger exceeded my expectations – it was super moist and tender – the flavors had just the right balance”
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Bountiful Eatery
“The Turkey Bacon & Avocado Wrap was absolutely delicious! All ingredients were super fresh and flavorful – I was full but not bloated – the perfect lunch”
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Bountiful Eatery
“I loved the Curry Chicken Bowl it was tasty and hearty without the guilt of a greasy lunch – the complex flavors truly complimented each other – I’ll be back”
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Bountiful Eatery
I personally had the grilled salmon and was completely blown away! How they were able to prepare such fresh, flavorful salmon so quickly and at such a great price was just incredible. I will certainly be trying more items from Bountiful Eatery’s menu, and so should you!
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview Food, Bountiful Eatery
As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I’m thankful to have such a great place in the neighborhood and I wish them all the best. Go check them out at 3312 North Broadway! You’ll be glad you did.

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