Blue Angave Tequla Bar and Resturant

Blue Angave Tequla Bar & Restaurant

1058 N. State St

There are times when you simply crave Mexican Cuisine. It’s nice to have such a cool laid back authentic Mexican Restaurant right here in the Gold Coast – of course we are talking about Blue Angave @ 1050 N. State (across the street from 1111 N. Dearborn). We stopped in for lunch recently and we remembered how much we love this place!

A super friendly hostess greeted us immediately and invited us to sit where ever we felt the most comfortable. Generous amounts of warm chips and out of this world salsa were served upon seating. There is a large menu with many choices – we ordered lots and shared to get a fair representation – here were our favorites:

The Fajita Bowl

This was HUGE! the chicken was perfectly seasoned and grilled, the rice was the perfect texture, the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh, the sour cream was fresh, the peppers were perfectly tender and gave a subtle kick. The Mexican street corn was DELICIOUS – warm and buttery. The black beans were great too. Piping hot, and spicy. The entire meal was a hit. And all for a good price.

Steak Fajitas

Were simply perfect! Super tender perfectly seasoned steak on a sizzling hot plate with all the usual fixins’ – LOVED IT! The green peppers and onions are super fresh and crunchy – these were probably our favorite overall fajitas outside of Pilsen!

Steak Burrito

Wow was this thing humongous AND delicious! Again super tender steak that melts in your mouth all covered with gooey cheese. Our only complaint was it was too big – we were full for hours!


These things are a meal by themselves! We had chicken, steak and vegetable – all perfect proportions of proteins, veggies and cheese – YUMMY!

Great service, great food and great value all right here in the Gold Coast – don’t forget Blue Angave when you get your Mexican craving! Make sure to checkout our latest blog at Chinatown’s Ahjoomah’s Apron!

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