Blackwood BBQ

Chicago Apartments, Blackwood BBQ, Beef Brisket Sandwich

Blackwood BBQ

962 W. Belmont


7 days 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

We needed a hearty lunch on a cold Chicago winter day so we headed to Blackwood BBQ @ Belmont & Sheffield in Lakeview for the ultimate comfort food! Blackwood works like an upscale Chipotle in which you first pick your protein – pulled chicken, pulled pork or beef brisket and then choose salad, sandwich or platter.

Chicago Apartments, Blackwood BBQ

You can customize your meal even further by choosing your sauce, toppings and sides. The gentlemen behind the counter new it was our first time and they were very helpful. So lets dive into some of the great food we tried at Blackwood BBQ!

Salad With Pulled Chicken

Chicago Apartments, Blackwood BBQ, Chicken Salad

If you are a veggie lover, I highly recommend getting any meat on a salad and get ALL the possible salad toppings. As if reading my mind, the exceptionally friendly salad maker asked, ‘What toppings would you like?’ I peeked past the glass and saw awesomeness and ordered EVERYTHING – elote salad, marinated tomatoes, white and black bean salad, sweet potatoes, shaved carrots, cukes and croutons made from corn muffins get lovingly placed in a heavenly halo around the platter. EVERY SINGLE PART of that salad was rock star perfect! Probably the best salad I’ve ever had! The chicken was great too!

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Chicago Apartments, Blackwood BBQ, Beef Brisket Sandwich

I ordered the beef brisket sandwich and it was very tasty. Just the right amount of salty, savory, charred goodness. The bun was also just right. Cole Slaw, good. Corn bread, just right, not too sweet. It was a little messy but the perfect sandwich on a cold day – it defintley hit the spot!

We can’t believe Blackwood has been open for almost a year in Lakeview and we just tried it for the first time – we will definitely be back! If your looking for another great restaurant in Chicago, checkout our latest blog on Hutch American Bistro!

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