Bike Trails In Chicago

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, North Shore Channel Trail

Hoping that spring is just around the corner? Is your bike calling to you instead of jumping in your car or calling an Uber? Need to shed a few of those winter pounds?

The city has some awesome bike trails to get you up and rolling, pointing you in a healthy way to get from point A to point B. Be sure to allow extra time to get to your destination but the scenery will be breathtaking and maybe even learning a little history.

There are many different trail lengths. You can start off with a shorter one and work your way up to a longer one depending if you are using them as exercise. If you are looking for transportation around Chicago, some of these trails may be able to help you.

North Shore Channel Trail

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, North Shore Channel Trail

Is a 6.7-mile trail that is in Cook County. Made of asphalt, concrete, and dirt, this trail offers many beautiful views of nature. If biking the whole trail, your destination will be at Greenbay Road and Ronan Park which is located on W. Ainslie Street.

Des Plaines River Trail

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, Des Plaines River Trail

Is a 56.2-mile trail that is located in Cook and Lake Counties. The surface of this trail is made of asphalt, dirt, gravel, and crushed stones. You will be traveling east on this trail so you will be passing over bridges and past wetlands. Many natural sites await you as you make your way to the Wisconsin border. This trail is not for the novice and one that requires a substantial level of stamina.

Chicago Lakefront Trail

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, Chicago Lakefront Trail

Is a 19-mile trail that is located in Cook County. The trail is made out of asphalt and concrete. Lakefront Trail runs from the south side and ends at Rogers Park. This trail seems to be the most well known trail in Chicago. While riding this trail you get a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and the skylines of Chicago. You can always find something new due to all the different views and attractions along the way.

Major Taylor Trail

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, Major Taylor Trail

Is a 7.5-mile trail that is located in Cook County. It is made of asphalt and is part of the Rail Trail. This trail was named after an African-American cyclist Marshal Taylor who was also a civil rights activist. This is one of the few forest preserves in this area and you can ride right though it while sight seeing. This tends to be a quieter ride with less traffic

Bloomingdale Trail (The 606)

Chicago Apartments, Bike Trails, Bloomingdale Trail

Is a 2.7-mile trail that is located in Cook County. As an abandoned rail line, the trail is made of asphalt and concrete and is for people who like being active due to the elevated trail. The Bloomingdale Trail is relatively new and is extremely well traveled. While traveling along the trail look for signs talking about the history and background of this trail. Remember Playskool Toys? You’ll pass the this as well as other iconic businesses. An interactive map is available at

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