The Best And Worst Fabrics For Pet Owners

Chicago Apartments, Pet Fabrics

To combat excessive pet fur at home, pet owners only have so many options: you can cover your furniture in old-school plastic slipcovers, adhere to a strictly hairless-pet policy, or (attempt) to keep pets off furniture at all times. If none of these sound ideal, there is an alternative: you can choose furniture made from pet-friendly fabrics.

Knowing which fabrics are good for fur and which ones to stay away from can save pet owners time and money. Some materials collect hair and are almost impossible to clean, while others are a lot less maintenance. Here are the best and worst fabrics to use at home as a pet parent.

Chicago Apartments, Pet Fabrics

Pet Owners: Avoid These Fabrics

Silk, Velvet & Suede

Luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, and suede are beautiful, but unfortunately, they’re not the right choice for pet owners. High-quality fabrics require a lot of maintenance. Silk stains very easily, and it’s also so delicate that pet paws can easily damage the material. Cleaning fur and pet stains off luxurious types of fabrics is a significant effort, and sometimes isn’t possible at all. Better to stay clear of these fabrics if you have a dog or cat at home.

Loosely Woven Fabrics

Loose fabrics or loosely woven materials are also bad choices for pet owners. Claws can get stuck in the snags and untangle weaves. Dirt and hair can also easily get trapped within the weaves. If you’ve ever tried cleaning pet fur off tweed, you’d know it’s nearly impossible.

Chicago Apartments, Pet Fabrics

Best Fabrics For Pet Owners:


Leather is out top pick for pet-friendly fabrics. It’s highly durable, so it can withstand wear and tear from rambunxious animals. It’s also easy to buff marks off leather, and it’s easy to clean.

Canvas, Denim, & Microfiber

Unlike loosely woven fabrics, tightly woven fabrics are safe from sharp pet claws. Pet owners should opt for tightly woven fabrics to avoid worrying about their pet’s paws, destroying a looser weave. Canvas is a favorite of pet owners due to its durability and low upkeep. Denim is a popular choice for the same reasons, and microfiber is another good synthetic option for those with furbabies.

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