Our Best Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

Chicago Apartments, Coffee Table Styling

Decorating your apartment provides an opportunity for self-expression through intentional decor choices. When done right, a well-thought-out coffee table can encapsulate your personal style within a small area of your apartment. Your coffee table can show off one of your favorite decor items, or perhaps the table itself holds a story of its own. No matter the case, styling your coffee table gives you a chance to hone in on the details or your apartment’s decor and reflect yourself to the fullest. Here are our best tips for styling your coffee table.

Chicago Apartments, Coffee Table Styling Tips

Choose The Right Table

The first step is to choose the right coffee table. If you’re able to shop around, try and find one that has a height, width, and style your desire. Think about how the table will work with your sofa, rug, and any other living room items. Be sure it will fit well into your vision before making any purchases. We love Target’s options, as well as West Elm’s.

However, if your options are more limited, hope is not lost. We can still show you tips for styling your coffee table, no matter its shape or size.

Pick Your Decor

A well-styled coffee table isn’t complete without some decoration. Pick one or two decorative items to live on your coffee table. Be careful not to go overboard; one or two decorative items is plenty for a small table. Flowers are always a good choice, as are candles, sculptures or even bowls. With that being said…

Stay Balanced

Items on your coffee table need to be balanced. Don’t clutter a small table with lots of large objects. Instead, adorn it with items a few items to scale. It’ll look better and function better as a table, too. You can play around with different heights to add some texture; just don’t overdo it.

Chicago Apartments, Coffee Table Styling Tips

Decorate With Books

If you ask us, coffee tables aren’t complete without a book to flip through while enjoying your cup of Joe. This is another opportunity to really express yourself, so pick a book that encompasses your apartment’s vibe. You can even choose to leave your book open to some particularly beautiful pages to complement your decor. We love the look of fine art of photography book casually opened up on a coffee table.

Embrace Trays

Trays are a coffee table must for us. You can house electronics in a tray, or use them to serve drinks and food on the table. Whatever way you choose to utilize them, trays can help you organize your table accordingly to your needs.

Chicago Apartments, Coffee Table Styling Tips

Arrange Your Items

This is arguably the most critical step to successfully styling your coffee table. To avoid a cluttered look, your coffee table items need to be styled correctly. We recommend placing the largest object in the center of the table to act as a focal point. Or, group a few similar-sized items on one side, leaving the rest of the surface mostly open for practical use. Try and keep like-sized items together as a general rule.

Rule Of Threes

The rule of threes applies to many things in life, and styling your coffee table is another to add to the list. When arranging your coffee table, try and stick to this rule, which states things look better in threes. Divide your coffee table into thirds, or group items in threes to get a cohesive look.


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