Best Places to Watch the Superbowl

Chicago Apartments, Superbowl Viewing

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan, love the commercials, or just look forward to spending time with friends, Superbowl traditions usually have something for everyone.
We’ve put together a list of the best places around our buildings to watch the Superbowl (and maybe if you’re lucky the puppy bowl will be on too!).
We’ve even added a dog-friendly bar so that your furry friends can join in on the Superbowl fun as well.

Lincoln Park

Sedgwick’s 1935 N. Sedgwick St.
This bar is definitely a good choice for people who are looking for a good time but also serious about watching the game. There will be 20 flat screens as well as a huge HD projection screen. Not only that but it would be surprising to find a better food deal on Superbowl Sunday, they have FREE, yes free, Chili, FREE, yes free, hot dogs, free popcorn, $18 domestic buckets, and, since it will also be national tater tot day (who knew?) there will also be a tater tot buffet. Pretty sure this bar just won battle of the Superbowl parties.
Chicago Apartments, Superbowl Viewing
State 935 W. Webster Ave.
If you’ve ever been to State you’ll know why it’s on the list. TVs. Everywhere you look. EVERYWHERE. Every inch of wall space has a TV on it, even in the bathrooms. You won’t miss a second of the game or commercials and there will also be free squares for raffle prizes and Superbowl themed specials.

Gold Coast/River North

Bull & Bear 431 N. Wells
This Chicago bar always provides a great atmosphere no matter the day, but I’m sure it’s going to be a blast on Superbowl Sunday. They’re offering $5 thirst & goal drafts, $5 Bacardi bombs, $15 bud buckets and you’re even able to book your own personal “tablegate” by calling for a reservation.
Chicago Apartments, Superbowl Viewing
Bub City 435 N. Clark St.
We’re highlighting bub city because they have a special carry out menu just for the big game – for all of you looking to host your own party. The BBQ this place offers is unreal. And it also makes a great place to watch the game.


Houndstooth Saloon 3369 N. Clark Street
This bar is boasting a ton of game day specials which include Superbowl squares, $3 fireball shots, $5 40oz, $6 pitchers, Superbowl trivia for prizes, and in addition to a great Superbowl party, they’re hosting a country night after the game…maybe we should all take a personal day Monday.
Chicago Apartments, Superbowl Viewing
DMK Burger Bar 2954 North Sheffield Ave.
FREE BEER. Enough said? Make one purchase and get access to an entire keg until it’s tapped. Pretty great party if you ask me. Dog Friendly!
Clark Street Ale House 742 North Clark Street
This river north bar will gladly accept the company of both you and your furry friend. This bar is not only a solid choice for the Superbowl, but with a ton of beers on tap to choose from, it makes for a great choice anytime you’re in the mood for a drink with your pup.
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