The Best Free Online Workouts To Do In Your Apartment

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Working out at home has lots of perks. You can do it at your own pace no matter the time of day, and you don’t have to change out of your PJs (or anything else you want to wear). Another obvious perk? The cost. Thanks to the internet, there are literally thousands of free workouts available online at the tip of your fingertips. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, gyms across the country are closing their doors. So, we wanted to share an updated roundup of our favorite free online workouts you can do right in your apartment. There’s no reason to take a break in your workout routine during this time. In fact, moderate exercise is good for your body and will help keep your immune system in tip-top shape. Ready to break a sweat at home? Let’s go.

free online workouts, lake shore drive apartments for rent

Free Online Workouts: Yoga


Yoga With Adriene

If you don’t know Yoga with Adriene yet, get ready — your life is about to drastically change for the better. Adriene has been creating top-notch yoga content since 2012. Her channel is a gold mine for free yoga classes ranging from total beginner classes to more advanced flows. She also has videos covering the fundamentals of yoga to help you master each pose safely. Adriene has a yoga video for everything. From Yoga For Anxiety to Yoga For Writers to Yoga For Bedtime, she has you covered. Adriene’s soothing, often funny demeanor will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed no matter what stage you’re at in your practice. Adriene will always encourage you to “find what feels good” When it comes to free online workouts, it truly doesn’t get any better than Yoga With Adriene. Bonus: She offers free meditation videos, too.

Yoga With Kassandra

Another one of our favorite online yogis is creator Kassandra. Her YouTube channel, Yoga With Kassandra, offers a wide range of free Yin yoga and Vinyasa flow videos that cater to both beginners and pros. Kassandra also offers tons of yoga videos for specific issues you may want to concentrate on. Check out Yoga for Gut Health, Yin Yoga for Hips or this Neck and Shoulder Flow. And for those days when you just want to stay under the covers, there’s yoga you can do in bed, too.

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga offers lots of great, free yoga videos on their YouTube channel that are worth checking out. Their offerings include quick beginner-friendly classes and flexibility exercises to help you stretch your muscles and ease your mind. Bonus: They offer lots of kid-friendly yoga classes, too.

Want more yoga? Check out earlier posts on the best yoga poses for falling asleep or yoga poses that relieve anxiety and stress.

free online workouts, lake shore drive apartments for rent

Free Online Workouts: Strength Training

Strength Training


For free strength training classes, check out HASFit (Heart and Soul Fitness). The HASFit duo went on a mission six years ago to bring the personal training experience to those at home, and they’ve succeeded. With hundreds of free videos available on their YouTube channel, you’ll have no trouble finding a class that fits your needs. Lots of their classes incorporate dumbbells, but if you don’t have them, no sweat. They offer tons of dumbbell-free classes, too. 

free online workouts, lake shore drive apartments for rent

Free Online Workouts: Cardio



Blogilates is a no-brainer on any roundup of free online workouts. The channel just celebrated its tenth year a couple of weeks ago. That’s right — Certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho has had a devoted following of Pilates fans for a full decade. Clearly, she knows what she’s doing. Cassey’s Blogilates videos go beyond your basic Pilates classes. You’ll be moving to Top 40 Hits while Cassey helps you target specific areas of the body. She also shares healthy lifestyle tips and recipes. And her videos are always entertaining, so you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.


POPSugar Fitness

If you thought you had to leave your apartment to get in your cardio, think again. You can get your heart pumping right in your apartment without having to venture outside or pay for group classes. Some of our favorite at-home cardio videos are from POPSugar Fitness. You’ll find beginner workouts, HITT training videos and a whole lot more. They also offer quick but tough videos for when you want to get some cardio in on a break. Need to break a sweat for 10 minutes? Look no further than POPSugar Fitness.


Jessica Smith provides a variety of workouts you can do at home, from HITT training to strength training exercises. Another popular video series she offers are her “1-Mile Walk n’ Talks,” where you can join her for a one-mile walk without having to leave your home. She’ll offer advice, like how to stay accountable and motivated during your workout journey, so you’ll be gaining new knowledge while burning calories.


When you’re pressed for time but still want to get a good workout in during your day, check out MadFit’s YouTube channel. Many of the workouts featured are just 10-15 minutes long. Choose from full-body cardio routines, or opt for a video that focuses on one area, like your abs or upper-body. When there are workouts this quick and effective, you really have no excuse not to sneak one into your day.


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