Best Chicago Beachside Cafes

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Nacho Mama's Beach Bar

August is here in Chicago, and that brings the hottest month of the year! So what’s the best solution to beat the heat? Well, two words, Lake Michigan! That’s right, cool off at one of Chicago’s many beaches along the lake.

If you’re a PPM resident, then your just steps away from many of the great beaches the city has to offer. Such as Oak Street Beach, North Ave Beach, and Montrose Beach. No matter which one you pick, you will surely cool off from the summer heat.

What’s even more fun, getting on the tropical side of things. I mean why not pretend you’re on some tropical beach? So we found the four best beach side cafes on Lake Michigan to get you in that tropical mood!

Oak Street Beach Food and Drink

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Oak Street Beach

A pinnacle spot on the Chicago Lakefront. This has it all, bags, beers, and music all situated on the famous Oak Street Beach. Come for a quick lunch getaway or enjoy a cocktail at sunset, you really can’t go wrong here. For more detailed information, check out our review on Oak Street Beach Food and Drink!

The Waterfront Café

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Waterfront Cafe

This North Side café has some wonderful things, from sangria to Prosecco alongside some tasty beers. It’s a great cozy spot on the waterfront with amazing outdoor seating overlooking the Lake Michigan.

Nacho Mama’s Beach Bar

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Nacho Mama's Beach Bar

Nacho Mama’s makes you feel like you’re on vacation in Mexico. It’s colorful, has that vacation vibe, and of course right on the lakefront. The food is cheap, the beer is cold, and you can’t go wrong at Nacho Mama’s Beach Bar.

Crepes on the Beach

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Crepes on the Beach

Another great waterfront stop on the North side of Chicago. You can grab some tasty crepes as you enjoy the sunny beach. It’s a quaint little spot that will surly give you that tropical feel.

Island Party Hut

Chicago Apartments, Beachside Cafes, Island Party Hut

This is a bonus. Not exactly on the Lake, but your right on the Chicago River in this island hut inspired restaurant and bar. Enjoy the view of the city and the boats as they pass you by whilst enjoying a fun tropical drink!

Chicago is no stranger to good food and good vibes. So it’s no surprise you can find these little gems scarred throughout the city. We can’t recommend these places more, you just got to check them out! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our blog on Food Trucks in Chicago.

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