Best Beer Gardens in the City

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Halsted's Bar & Grill

It’s finally here. The weather you’ve been waiting for.
You survived the polar vortex and your reward is that the sun will shine (most days) and the weather is getting warmer.
Where better to spend this well-earned weather then at a beer garden or outdoor patio? We’ve rounded up what we consider the city’s best beer gardens and outdoor patios in the city.
Look out for an upcoming post on rooftops (they deserve their own special recognition):

Halsted’s Bar and Grill

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Halsted's Bar & Grill
3441 N. Halsted; A great outdoor space, plus half off food from 5pm-7pm Monday through Thursday. Kind of hard to beat that combination. They also have plenty of TVs so maybe plan on catching a cubs or sox games when you check out their patio!

RM Champagne Salon

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, RM Champagne Salon
116 N. Green Street; Although it’s technically a champagne salon, one look at this outdoor patio and you’ll know why it’s on the list. Plus, they serve beer and cocktails in addition to wine and champagne. Plus they have a food menu that is swoon-worthy.


Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Sheffield's
3258 N. Sheffield; When someone recommends Sheffields one of the first things out of their mouth is something about their awesome patio. Spacious, well-lit, and the perfect summer hangout. This place also smokes their own meats and has a great beer selection.


Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Zella
1983 N. Clybourn; To me, the patio at Zella feels like you’re hanging out in a friends backyard. Granted, that friend has hired a bartender to make fabulous drinks and have any beer you want on tap, but other than that the laid back patio is the perfect summer hangout for a group of friends. Summer nights can get crowded, but hey, all the better to make new friends.

Cedar Hotel

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Cedar Hotel
1112 N. State St.; The Cedar Hotel is a summer-only bar because 90% of the bar is an outdoor patio. It is one of the best locations in the city because you get to sit outside and people watch Rush street. Great service, huge patio, and a history of being haunted – the Cedar Hotel has it all. Ask your waitress about how the building is haunted and ask them to point out the ghost pictures hanging in the restaurant!

Ada Street

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Ada Street
1664 N. Ada Street; This place feels like a secret. They have an internal patio that is isolated from the street that is still outdoors and full of picnic tables. You can even play a game of ping pong. A perfect summer hang out.

Three Aces

Chicago Apartments, Beer Gardens, Three Aces
1321 W. Taylor Street; Not only does Three Aces boast a perfect outdoor patio, but they are also known to screen movies outside with a projector on the side of a neighboring building. Pair this with great beer, cocktails and food, and you may never want to go anywhere else this Summer.
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What’s your favorite summer spot in the city?

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