The Best Apps To Help You Keep Calm

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps

Our digital world is likely to blame for an uptick in our daily anxiety levels. But technology can offer some innovative ways to counteract the 24/7 screen time many of us face. There are numerous apps designed to help with anxiety relief by offering things like meditation, calming affirmations, or even assistance with finding someone to talk to when you need it. Below, were’ sharing some of the best apps to help you keep calm.

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps


With Calm, you can learn meditation, get a better night’s sleep, practice mindful exercises, and relaxing music. The premium version boasts over 100 guided meditations, a large collection of Sleep Stories, and more anxiety-reliving features.

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps, Headspace


Headspace offers a great introduction to meditation. It provides basic courses free of cost along with a premium version with a massive collection of meditations to choose from. A few include meditations for sleep, meditations for anxiety, and meditations for regret. The app will send you helpful reminders to meditate each day as well as positive affirmations to make you feel a little lighter.

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps, Pacifica


This just might be the “Holy Grail” of mental health apps. Pacifica lets you track your moods and habits along with your health so you can determine patterns and take action accordingly. You’ll have access to meditations, exercises, and audio tailored to your needs.

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps, Daylio


Dailyo is sort of like Pacifica Light. You can track your moods with a few quick clicks, so you can manage how you’re feeling and make a note of your anxiety levels. The best part about this app is how quick it takes to submit your information each day.

Chicago Apartments, Calming Apps, Talkspace


If you feel like your anxiety is getting out of control, you may want to talk to a professional about it. TalkSpace is an app that can match you with an online therapist. It takes the guessing out of trying to find a good therapist in your area.


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