Best Apps for Living in Chicago

Technology is a wonderful thing and using specific Apps on your phone will make living in the city that much easier.
These apps are designed to help simple everyday activities be that much easier for you during our busy schedules. Think of them as life hacks, but really cool and fun hacks you can use simply on your mobile device.
A quick download of any of these easy to use Apps will help living in Chicago that much easier. So let’s get started with are top five best apps!
• SpotHero. This app is a lifesaver when it comes to parking in the city – even last minute! You put in an address and it pulls up all the nearby parking WITH PRICES. You can even make a reservation and pay right from your phone which is sometimes cheaper then paying at the actual lot/garage.
• Festival Finder. Kind of self-explanatory. Chicago has a lot of festivals/fairs/markets/music going on any given weekend and this app can help keep you in the loop.
• Transit Stop. Know when the buses and trains are coming, what the stops are, see maps, and just get to know the public transit system in Chicago. Truly a lifesaver.
• GrubHub. Did you know that Grubhub was founded in Chicago? Just type in your address and the app will generate a list of delivery and take out places nearby. You can even order straight from the app.
• Free & Frugal. This app was actually written by a travel guidebook author who has lived in Chicago for 20 years. It lists the best deals around the city: museums, tickets, food, you name it!
If your thinking about a move to the big city these Apps are an excellent way to help and so is our past blog on Apartment Hunting in Chicago – Lakeview so make sure to check it out!

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