These Are The Best Apartment Pets That Don’t Shed

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Being a pet-parent has a lot of perks, from companionship to stress-relief. But while there’s a lot to love about having a dog or cat to come home to, pet-parentship has its pitfalls, too. One of the most common complaints you’ll hear from dog or cat owners revolves around animal shedding. Depending on the type of dog or cat, shedding can range from an inconvenience to a full-on stressor. Pretty much anything in your apartment is susceptible to dreaded pet fur, from rugs and couches to your own clothing. Ask any dog or cat owner, and they’ll probably tell you about their own personal battle against the dreaded fur. For those who don’t want to deal with fur, but still want the joys of a pet, there are other options. We’ve rounded up the best apartment pets for people who would rather not deal with excessive fur in their homes. These pets are also particularly good for people who struggle with pet allergies.


Chicago Apartments, Pets for Apartments, Pet Fish

Fish aren’t exactly cuddly, so they get a bit of a “boring pet” rap. Sure, you can’t touch a fish, but that doesn’t mean they make bad pets. Just ask any aquarium afficienado, and they’ll happily share the joys of having a fish tank (or a few) in your apartment. For starters, fish tanks can be super relaxing. This study totes the mental health benefits of having a fish tank in your home, due to their stress-relieving properties. You can also channel your creativity into how you choose to decorate your fish tank. There are endless accessories and objects you can purchase to decorate your fish tank to match your personal style. Depending on the type of fish you choose to have, and there are lots of options, they can even add a decorative touch to your apartment. We’re big fans of Betta fish, whose vibrant colors bring a touch of cheer to any room.

Leopard Gecko

Chicago Apartments, Pets for Apartments, Pet Geckos

If you’re interested in owning a lizard, leopard geckos are one of your best options. They take to handling well, so long as you’re gentle and know the proper way to hold them. They’re also an affordable pet option that you can find at most pet stores, making them an easy choice.

While they’re small in size, you will need to provide a nice-sized tank (typically 15-20 gallons) for your gecko to keep them happy and healthy.. Unlike certain other species’ of lizards, leopard geckos are nocturnal. That means you won’t have to worry about purchasing a special UVB light for their tank. Instead, opt for a white incandescent heat light to let them “bask” in the warmth during the daytime. Bonus: These lizards can live for up to 20 years.

Fire Belly Newts

Chicago Apartments, Pets for Apartments, Pet Newts

Fire belly newts are some of the best apartment pets you can choose for multiple reasons. Their small size (about three to five inches) makes them an ideal choice for studio or one-bedroom apartment dwellers who have limited space for a pet. They don’t require a large tank — a small enclosure that has both water and a place for them to bask on land will do just fine for these little amphibians. They also don’t require much work, and because they’re such a popular pet choice, they’re widely accessible. One of the best parts about having fire belly newts is that you’ll get to enjoy looking at their beautiful bright bold underbellies.

Guinea Pigs

Chicago Apartments, Pets for Apartments, Pet Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are popular pet options for apartment dwellers, and for good reason: They’re friendly, playful and just plain cute. They’re also one of the most affectionate pet alternatives to cats and dogs. Guinea pigs will form bonds with humans and enjoy being pet and cuddled. As vegetarians, guinea pigs do well on a diet of fresh veggies and guinea pig pellets. Their cute looks and sweet dispositions make guinea pigs some of the best apartment pets around.


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Hedgehogs are another great alternative to cats and dogs. Their cute little faces and spiky bodies are hard to resist. Before bringing a hedgehog home, it’s important to know that they’re naturally solitary animals. While they’re OK with some handling, they prefer to be left alone, at least until they’re comfortable with you. Even after your hedgehog has settled in, they need their own time, so they’re a great choice for someone who doesn’t have their heart set on snuggling up with a pet every night. They’re especially great for those with busy lifestyles, as they don’t need a lot of human interaction to be happy.

Bearded Dragons

Chicago Apartments, Pets for Apartments, Pet Bearded Dragons

Last but certainly not least on our list is the bearded dragon. These cool-looking lizards make great pets. They’re social (at least, as social as a lizard can be) and don’t mind being held. In fact, they actually enjoy it! Bearded dragons have been known to seek attention from their owners. They have easy-going personalities, making them a safe choice. Bearded dragons are especially good pet choices for busy folks because they’re so low-maintenance.

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