Best Apartment Dog Breeds

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Dachshunds

Living in a city can be lonely. Even if you have roommates or friends nearby sometimes a pet can just make you feel at home. There is no better love than the love of a dog. PPM loves dogs. Many of our buildings are dog and cat friendly and some even have their own dog parks attached.
We’ve done some research on the best dog breeds for apartments (under 40lbs!) and broken them down for you below. Keep in mind that if you are thinking about getting a furry friend that you do plenty of research on your own – this list is by no means all the research you need, it is only a starting point!! Also, make sure you check out all the dogs in need of homes at the shelters around Chicago.

Boston Terrier

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Boston Terrier
The Boston terrier is actually nicknamed the American Gentleman because of its gentle disposition and great companionship. They require a moderate amount of exercise and very minimal grooming. They are very loyal and extremely easy to train. They get along great with other dogs if socialized well! Usually weight under 25lbs.


Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Dachshund
Extremely lovable and playful and great with kids! They only require moderate exercise and most only need a little bit of grooming. They do well in an apartment because they can easily adapt to small spaces. This breed comes in different shapes and sizes and also short or long hair but generally they weigh under 30lbs.

French Bulldog

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, French Bulldog
Besides being extraordinarily adorable, French bulldogs are also easy to train, require minimal exercise and minimal grooming. But because of potential breathing problems make sure to keep your apartment cool when its hot out, it will be less stressful on these pups. These cuties generally weigh around 25lbs.

Miniature Schnauzer

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Miniature Schnauzer
These dogs love children and are easily trained but may require a little more grooming than the other dog breeds as their hair can grow long and will require cutting. This breed easily adapts to any living situation and will reach a max weight of about 18lbs.

Tibetan Spaniel

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Tibetan Spaniel
This breed’s nickname is the Tibbie. Moderate activity level and loves long walks. Also, not known for barking excessively (your neighbors will thank you) and loves to snuggle. This breed weighs in under 15 pounds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
A great word to describe this breed is beautiful. And although they may look pretty, they are actually extremely easy going and playful dogs. They love exercise but don’t require a ton and will be happy to walk around the city and then lounge in your apartment. They stay pretty small reaching about 18lbs at their maximum weight.


Chicago Apartments, Apartment Dog Breeds, Pugs
Weighing in at under 18 pounds, this dog is small but spunky. Pugs are easy going and extremely affectionate. They also get along well with other dogs and cats alike. Sometimes their beauty is the kind that only a true owner can love but their bug eyes are kind of hard not to love.

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