Beginners Guide To Chicago Tours and Sightseeing

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Shedd Aquarium

If you haven’t noticed yet, we here at PPM love Chicago. We love the city, the Museums, our residents and we love dogs. What we also love is visitors and we know for many the city can be a bit overwhelming.

We put together two a little guide for first timers as a way to get a lay of the land and see some cool things on the way. For those of you who do live in the city or visit often, fear not because these spots you may never have seen before or if you have are worth visiting again. Let’s dig right into it!

Museum Campus

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Museum Campus

This is a highlight of Chicago, situated right on the lake front you get a bird’s eye view of the city skyline and the lake all in one. Not to mention plenty of grass space, biking paths, Segway tours, and Museums. Walk down to the lake and have a picnic or grab a hot dog at one of the many walk up grills lining the campus.

Field Museum of Natural History

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Field Museum of Natural History

Your right in the heart of Museum territory and the field is not one to miss. Home of the largest know Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sue. You’re sure to have a blast in the past!  More info here!

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Shedd Aquarium

Built during the world’s fair like many of our museums, the Shedd Aquarium is a crown jewel in Chicago. From exotic fish to a live dolphin show were sure you’ll have a splashing good time.  More info here!

Adler Planetarium

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Adler Planetarium

A pinnacle in space exploration, here you will learn and see the wonders that our universe holds. A great spot for a date, the family, or an afternoon off.  More info here!

Soldier Field

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Soldier Field

The home of the Chicago Bears. Come for a game or come for a great tour of the iconic football field here in Chicago.  More info here!

Water Taxi

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Water Taxi

This is really cool and something special you’ll only find in Chicago. Ride the water taxi to Navy Pier and the Museum Campus. Not only is it a cheap way to travel but it’s also a fun way. You get to soar through Lake Michigan and enjoy the fantastic views of the skyline. Boats run every 20 minutes weekly.  More info here!

Chicago Architecture Foundation Tours

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing, Chicago Architecture Foundation Tours

After your ride back downtown ride the Big Bus through the windy city.  More info here!

Chicago Apartments, Sightseeing

These tours very to location and theme, from Architecture to the Devil in the White City. The Chicago Architecture Foundation does a tremendous job on showcasing many great Chicago sights. Oh ya, you get to ride a double decker bus how cool!

These are just a fraction of what the city has to offer, but is a great starting point for those looking to learn and see more of Chicago. If you’d like more details on the Field Museum make sure to check out our blog on it here!

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