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Chicago Apartments, Lakeview East, Dog-Friendly

Hi!  My name is Bambino.  I live in the really cool neighborhood of Lakeview East in Chicago!  I’m a little guy, with a big personality living in a really neat PPM building with lots of other doggies and really friendly people.  I’m really excited about a day that I had when the sun was out before the moon came up.
There are so many fun things that my daddy takes…SQUIRREL!  What was I saying?  Oh, my daddy takes me to a lot of fun places in my neighborhood each day. 
First, we started off our day by getting a tasty tea at Argo Tea. 
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview East, Dog-Friendly

I didn’t really get a tea.  Actually, I didn’t get anything.  But that is okay because I got to do fun things all day!

Next, we went to Lincoln Park, and played fetch in the grass!  I really like the grass.  It’s fun to roll around in, and it really tickles my paws.
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview East, Dog-Friendly

When it was time to leave the park, we started walking when we saw some friends…FOOD?  Yeah, the friends had food because they were having a birthday party BBQ!  Daddy and I stopped to say “hello,” while I got to hang out and make some new people friends.  And I got to smell cupcakes. 
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview East, Dog-Friendly
Chicago Apartments, Lakeview East, Dog-Friendly

We kept walking, and got to the Belmont Doggy Beach where I got to play with lots of other doggies and have fun playing with my ball.  BIRD!  I’m sorry. I remember that I saw a bird, and chased him.  My ears are floppy, but I couldn’t flap them enough to try and catch the bird. 

Instead, I met a new friend.  Daddy said it was a Pibble puppy.  I don’t know what a Pibble is, but he was a nice doggy, and we played in the sand.

We came back to my big apartment where all of my toys and treats are.  I heard daddy doing something in the other room.  Water was running, and I knew that meant only one thing – BATH!  AHHHHH!!!  It wasn’t so bad though, because after a long day of playing, I was treated like a king by getting my own at-home spa treatment.

I am always looking for new friends, both four-legged and human, that live in Planned Property buildings.  PPM has five pet-friendly buildings in the Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Gold Coast neighborhoods, and one building even has a fun dog park for me to play in with fun puppy parties.  So dogs, tell your humans that you want to live like I do, as a busy pup in the big city, and have them visit to make an appointment to come see their Chicago apartments!  Oh, and don’t forget to share your own fun stories and favorite pet-friendly places in the neighborhood at
Now, I sleep.

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