Your Fall Apartment Bucket List for 2022

Chicago Apartments, Fall Bucket List

Autumn in Chicago is beautiful. It’s the season for comfy, cozy fall vibes at home. To ring in fall the right way, here’s an apartment fall bucket list featuring some must-do activities that are best done in your own abode. Check out the list below to get into the autumnal spirit.

at-home fall bucket list

Sip a Warm Beverage in Your Apartment

It’s inevitable in Chicago. The temperature will dip and when it does, nothing beats a warm beverage. Tea, coffee, hot cider, or hot chocolate are all tasty sipping options. Whatever your beverage of choice, we recommend settling into a comfy spot and enjoying your drink next to a crackling “yule log.”

read a good book this fall in your apartment

Curl Up with a Good Book

Reading a good book is next on our at-home fall bucket list. Whatever genre you prefer, fall is an ideal time to relax and unwind with a page-turner. Need some reading recommendations? Check out some of this season’s best new reads.

make a fall-themed meal in your apartment

Make a Fall-Themed Meal

Now’s the time to start whipping up fall-inspired recipes. Check out some delicious slow cooker recipes. Or, try one of our favorite fall meal prep recipes for your workweek lunch needs. Sweet treats are another popular choice, and the options are endless when it comes to fall-themed desserts.

bake something in your apartment this fall

Bake Something

Fall is baking season. It’s time to fill your apartment with the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods. If you need some baking inspiration, check out this recipe for a delicious homemade pie crust. If pie isn’t your thing, cookies or cupcakes are also tasty options.

Chicago Apartments, Fall Bucket List

Catch a Fall-Themed Movie

With Halloween on the way, it’s the perfect time to start watching horror movies. Opt for a fall-themed film instead if you aren’t a fan of freaking yourself out for fun. Check out this list of movies.

Chicago Apartments, Fall Bucket List

Create a Fall Decoration for Your Apartment

It’s not time to begin carving pumpkins yet, but we say it’s perfectly acceptable to get your fall crafting started in September. A couple of fun ideas are a fall-inspired wreath or an autumnal table decoration. The key is to make sure your creation features fall-centric details, whether they’re leaf-colored hues or seasonal fruits. Remember, you don’t have to get spooky with your decor yet (but if you’re ready for it, don’t let us stop you).

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