7 Apartment Wall Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

apartment wall decor ideas

Your apartment’s walls are a blank canvas to express your personal style. Art is a popular decorative option, but you have other choices, too. Whether you’re on a budget or you simply want to explore new decor possibilities, we can show you some unexpected ways to spruce up your home’s walls and give your space a major upgrade. Check out some of our favorite apartment wall decor ideas below.

apartment wall decor ideas

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a great options for renters, and it’s also a fun way to test out trends or styles. If you want an instant apartment-makeover, temporary wallpaper is going to give your space a fresh new feel. Check out Spoonflower and Chasing Paper for a huge variety of temporary wallpaper you can order online. Some styles are so fun, you won’t want to decorate your walls with anything else!

apartment wall decor

Floating Shelves

Another alternative to hanging art in your apartment is to utilize your non-decorative stuff. Try hanging floating ledges or wall mounts to show off some of your goods. Books are one of our favorite choices, but you can choose to display anything you think would enhance your apartment’s aesthetic. Bonus: You’ll also be getting some unexpected storage space from your wall.

apartment wall decor


No matter your apartment’s size, mirrors can be a great alternative to artwork. Choose a large mirror to make your space appear roomier, or create a miniature gallery wall with a collection of small-sized mirrors. Thrift stores are full of mirrors of all different sizes, so they’re a budget-friendly choice.

apartment wall decor


Next, consider hanging a tapestry in your apartment. They come in many styles and prints, so you won’t have trouble finding one that goes well with your decor. As another temporary wall fixture, they’re a good option for renters or anyone who wants to experiment with a style without committing to it long-term.

apartment wall decor

3D Apartment Wall Decor

If you want to decorate you walls with something different than framed paintings or prints, consider going three-dimensional. Adorning your wall with something three-dimensional can make a bold statement with little effort. Bowls or hangable sculptures are just a few options.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is another renter-friendly way to decorate your walls. The tape comes in lots of colors and styles, so you can create custom “frames” and hang photos or prints without using any nails. If you’re on a budget and want the look of a gallery wall in your apartment without drilling lots of holes into the wall, washi tape works.

apartment wall decor


Macrame textiles are knotted designs made from fibers like hemp, yarn, cotton, or twine. It’s an ancient art form that has been experiencing a major resurgence over the last few years. Macrame designs look gorgeous on their own, but they make great plant hangers, too.

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