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You heard it here first: going out is overrated. Just kidding. We’re hardly the first to suggest that staying in beats going out. Of course, we’re not saying that you should never leave your apartment. After all, you live where you live so you can explore the culture, sights, and sounds of the city you call home. But going out every weekend gets old. Not to mention, it also gets expensive: Spending money on ride shares, cabs, and public transport, plus food, drinks, and cover charges mean the price for a night out can easily break even the most flexible budget.

At this point, you may be wondering, “OK, but how can night in possibly compare to a night out?” While it’s essential that you give yourself quiet time to recharge, your nights at home don’t all have to be spent on the couch binge-watching Netflix, especially when you have company. There are other ways to have a good time with friends right in the comfort of your own apartment. The best option? Apartment party games.

From classic card games to modern options that utilize your phones, party games are never going out of style. Here are a few of our current favorites to try out with friends. Let the apartment party games begin.

Chicago Apartments, Party Games


Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is always a good time. If you’re unfamiliar with “the game for horrible people,” it’s simple: each player takes a tun to ask questions from a Black Card, and each player must answer with their best White Card. Whoever has the funniest answer according to the person who asked the question wins that round. Beware: things can get pretty awkward with this game, as it’s meant for an adult, 21+ age group. If you’d prefer a tamer option, Apples to Apples is pretty much the same thing, minus the awkward moments.


Loaded Questions

This is one you can DIY, although there is also an option to purchase. But it’s so easy to make, we suggest doing it yourself (it’s more fun that way).

Here’s how it works: Everyone sits at a table and must write down a “loaded question.” The questions will all go into a sorting hat (or a bowl…whatever works), which will be passed around the table. Each player will pick a question from the hat and read the question aloud. Everyone writes down their own answer to these questions. Then the hat is passed to the next person, who will read everyone’s answers out loud. Everyone must guess which answers belong to each person. For every question a player gets right, they earn one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.



A true classic, charades is the ultimate apartment party game go-to. It’s free of cost, super easy, and a ton of fun. If you need a refresher on the rules, here’s how to play:

Choose someone to start the game. They’ll begin by thinking of a movie, song, famous person, or book title, and will then attempt to act it out without the use of any props. Sometimes it can help to designate a category, such as 90s songs so that everyone has an initial clue to start from. But that’s entirely up to you. Put your pantomiming skills to work with Charades, and it’s sure to be a good time.


Game Of Phones

Mourning the end of HBO’s “Game of Thrones”? Try Game of Phones.

Many of us are constantly on our phones. Game of Phones allows guests to socialize IRL without forgoing their phones.

The game does require its own set of cards which you can order here. Each card has a prompt involving something to do with your phone. For example, a card might say to play the first song that comes up on your shuffle, or to scroll through your photos with your eyes closed, choosing a photo at random to then show everyone. Whoever has the funniest, most absurd results wins the round, which makes this game a lot of fun.

Need help planning the ultimate game night? Check out our guide right here.

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