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Chicago Apartments, Apartment Hunting Tips, 536 W Addison

It was nearly two years ago that I found myself apartment hunting in Chicago.
I was moving to the city for a work promotion from the southwest suburbs where I lived almost my entire life. I had NO idea where I wanted to live, or what neighborhood would best fit my lifestyle.
Right before my move to Chicago I finished my first full distance Ironman triathlon event in Madison, Wisconsin.
For those of you who don’t know what an Ironman consists of here it is…the day starts at 7am with a mass tread swim start of roughly 2,800 athletes that complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, ending with a 26.2 mile run all before midnight. Training up to the event takes roughly 9 months and a good chunk of my spare time away from work.

Needless to say my lifestyle is unique, active, and requires me to spend a lot of time training. Much of that time is outside and I need miles to train, funny Chicago doesn’t have a lot of that to offer…all of this went in to my decision process in choosing a neighborhood and apartment building that would meet my active, healthy, and busy lifestyle.
The quiet cornfields of Lockport weren’t an option anymore, but I thought the lakefront path would do!
Mission #1. Must live near the lake, and near an entrance to the lakefront path.

Mission #2 Must live near a gym with a pool.

Mission #3. Must live near a Whole Foods (healthy and clean food is a must and I LOVE to cook).

The decision was easy and clear once I figured out what my list of “must haves” were, East Lakeview for sure! The neighborhood gave me easy access to the lakefront path, there were several options within walking distance for gyms and yoga studios, and there is a Whole Foods in the neighborhood. Then it was time to find a building, again the decision was easy. The apartments at 536 W. Addison made all 3 of my needs SUPER accessible by foot = BONUS!!
Chicago Apartments, Apartment Hunting Tips, 536 W Addison
From the front door of my building I am on the lakefront path running from the Addison underpass in under a minute, I can walk to my gym in less than 5 minutes (FFC on Waveland and Pine Grove) which has a pool, and Whole Foods is just over a few blocks on Halsted and Waveland.
Chicago Apartments, Apartment Hunting Tips
I have lived at this building in East Lakeview for the last 2 years and have loved the way it has made my lifestyle even easier to maintain then it was before. My boyfriend and I live together at 536 W. Addison (he is also an Ironman triathlete) and it suits our training really well.
Chicago Apartments, Apartment Hunting Tips
To top it all off…I have lost over 15 pounds since moving to the city from having such easy access to the lakefront path, FFC, and the short walk to healthy food options. There is nothing better than starting my day with an early morning run on the lake seeing the sun rise, it feels like you’re on vacation and nothing can beat the view of the city skyline.
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