Apartment Gardening

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Gardening

For our tip this week we wanted to focus not only on having a greener lifestyle but also saving our residents money. So we’ve done some research on apartment gardening and the best plants to grow in your apartment. All of the plants listed below don’t require a lot of space or a lot of time.
Cherry Tomatoes
Small Squash
Herbs and Spices
If you’re new to gardening stick to Herbs and Spices. They’re the most low-maintenance and take up the least amount of space. If you don’t have a ton of sunlight – mint and parsley are your best bets. Also tomatoes, strawberries and peppers are easier to grow but take up a little more space than herbs. Lastly, NEVER use dirt. Always use soil. You never know what could be living in the dirt you dig up and who knows what you could be bringing into your apartment.
Chicago Apartments, Apartment Gardening
Good luck and happy gardening!!

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