Apartment Cleaning Green Tips

Last week we taught you a few tips and tricks to making laundry day a little greener and cheaper. This week – we want to give you a few tips to expand to cleaning your kitchen and bathroom.
Household cleaning products can be toxic if ingested and sometimes even if touched or inhaled. Some of these products can cause long-term health effect such as cancer or hormone disruption. And if you have pets, these products are just as toxic, if not more toxic, to them! Here are a few homemade recipes for making some non-toxic and environment friendly cleaning products at home:

All Purpose Cleaner:

–          1 tbsp white vinegar
–          1 tbsp lemon juice
–          1 tbsp Dish Soap
–          1 tbsp Borax
–          Combine all ingredients and add to a spray bottle

Tub Scrub:

–          1 cup baking soda
–          ¼ cup salt
–          10 drops citrus essential oil
–          Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container


–          ½ cup lemon juice
–          ¼ cup baking soda
–          10 drops citrus oil
–          Combine to make a paste and use a damp cloth to wipe off

Not a DIY Person?

These products are inexpensive to buy and easy to make and will clean just as well as any store-bought product. We encourage you to give them a try! If you’re not into DIY there are quite a few “green cleaning” products you can buy at most grocery stores:
–          Method dishwasher detergent : biodegradable and free of phosphates, chlorine and ammonia.
–          Method Floor & Surface Cleaner: biodegradable and free of phosphates, chlorine and ammonia.
–          Bill by Eco-Me All-Purpose Cleaner: uses only ingredients that are food-grade and plant sourced.

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