Apartment Art Inspiration: Affordable Finds on Etsy

There’s a reason the art world has an elitist reputation: art is far from cheap. Depending on the artist, original pieces can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or much more. Even art prints can be costly. If you’re an apartment dweller on a budget, spending a big chunk of change on art is probably not in your short-term plans. But you don’t have to forgo art collecting altogether. There are lots of alternative options for buying art, which includes ordering artwork online or making your own. Today, we’re sharing some art inspiration along with shopping tips on where to find similar pieces on our go-to site for supporting emerging artists: Etsy.

Black and White

One of the most significant benefits to black and white apartment art is its versatility. Whether your home style is modern or you prefer a more traditional look, you’ll be able to find a piece of black and white artwork that fits into your space. Because black and white are neutrals, they shades will complement any interior style you choose, and you won’t have to worry about it clashing if you decide to switch up your aesthetic every so often. Investing in black and white art is a smart move if you want pieces that will stand the test of time.

Find similar styles on Etsy here and here.

Abstract Art

Abstract art can add some character to an otherwise traditional home. We love the look of a bright, abstract print in a neutral living room or bedroom—It can brighten up a room without being too overpowering.

Find similar styles on Etsy here and here.

Inspirational Art

Adorning your apartment with inspirational messages is a simple way to cultivate positive vibes within your space. You’ll appreciate the little quotes of inspiration around your own home, as they can serve as pick-me-ups throughout your day. If you have a home office, inspirational artwork is ideal for creating a good work environment.

Find similar styles on Etsy here and here.

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