A PPM "Proud Parent" Moment

As any employer would, you can imagine we get pretty excited when our residents or friends rave to us about one of our employees. We decided it made perfect sense to add our latest category to our new and developing blog: The Wall Of Fame! Here, we’ll let you know how our employees are changing the world one step at a time, or perhaps just making our residents happy and giving PPM its good name.
What better way to kick-off this “Wall Of Fame” category than with an employee who has been with PPM for over 11 years. Marcel Toma, our building engineer at 2756 North Pine Grove has been deserving of this title for many years. In those 11 years many residents have expressed how helpful, responsive and friendly Marcel has been, but it wasn’t until this praise letter from a current resident that it clicked in our heads to have an area on the blog dedicated to our amazing PPM team.

I wanted to bring to your attention the outstanding service and the hard work provided by Marcel Toma, the building engineer at 2756 N. Pine Grove.
I recently upgraded from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment in the building after living there for over a year. One of the primary reasons that I decided to stay with Planed Property and in my current building is Marcel. He has always been extremely helpful, courteous, hard working and friendly. If I ever needed anything he was always available and willing to help me. In addition, he kept me up to date on the rehabilitation of the new apartment I was moving into and did an amazing job getting everything done and making it look great in a timely fashion.
Marcel is an asset to your company and deserves praise and recognition for his truly phenomenal performance.
Ethan R.
2756 N. Pine Grove Resident

Well, you can see why we are so proud of Marcel. You know a person must really be happy with something to take the time and write such a kind letter. What makes us even happier is that these letters of praise are common from our tenants. As a rental and management company, we strive to make our residents and clients happy. The praise from them means the world to us and it’s just a nice reminder to know that we must be doing something right.
We want to take this time and thank Marcel for his amazing work and to also thank all our employees who go above and beyond what is asked of them. We really feel like “proud parents” in a sense and we cannot wait to have more additions to our Wall Of Fame.

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