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One of our residents has given us another opportunity to brag about our amazing employees! Kathryn, from 1111 North Dearborn has sent us an amazing letter to praise the PPM team, more specifically, one of our maintenance guys, Mirsad, who’s been an amazing help to Kathryn and many other residents at 1111 North Dearborn.
Please read this letter, addressed to PPM’s Vice President, and you can see why we are so proud of all of our employees!

Dear Ms. Strapon,
I am a resident at 1111 North Dearborn and have been extremely impressed by the diligence, hard work and overall performance of the maintenance team at the building. While the building is older, the team does good work in keeping the common areas clean and well maintained. Further the team highly responsive to work order requests and is thorough in their addressing of requests.
I would like to further highlight the exceptional work of a particular individual on the team. Mirsad Zejcirovic is not only consistently pleasant and diligent, but also goes above and beyond in assisting the residents of the building. I experienced a superb example of this level of customer service when my parents were delivering two upholstered chairs to my apartment. As my father pulled into the delivery dock, Mr. Zejcirovic insisted upon, without our requesting, helping us move the chairs from the garage to the apartment. Wanting to express gratitude for the assistance, I tried to offer him a small tip for the favor, which he unequivocally refused, saying that it was his pleasure to help.
This high level of service, particularly as demonstrated by Mr. Zejcirovic, has made my stay at the 1111 a joy and was a significant factor in my decision to renew my lease this year. Thank you for reading and again, I commend your organization on having such a terrific team in place, exemplified by Mr. Zejcirovic’s leadership.
Kathryn A. Marchi
1111 North Dearborn Resident

We would like to extend a special thank you to Mirsad and the rest of the team at 1111 North Dearborn. Everyone from the maintenance guys, to the door staff and the leasing team have been doing a great job at keeping our residents and clients happy.
We appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts! Keep up the great work team!

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