A Day In The Life… 3510 N Pine Grove

Chicago Apartments, 3510 N Pine Grove, Living Room

You ever ask yourself, “what to do? What to do? WHAT TO DO?!” 3510 N. Pine Grove engineer, Ozzie, knows a few things about what to do in East Wrigley. Picture one of those warm, not muggy, Chicago summer weekends. No work, no chores, no errands to run, and you don’t want to pull your car out of the parking garage. So, you put on your new shoes, grab your keys and expect to not come back for nearly the whole day.
First stop, you make your way down Addison and two blocks south on Clark Street to grab a sandwich at Lucky’s Sandwich Company. These amazing sandwiches were featured on Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food. Today, however, is not the day to fill up on sandwiches. Just a nice quick bite to get the energy you will need for your busy day.
Chicago Apartments, 3510 N Pine Grove, Living Room
Cubs Game Day means early start to your night. After wiping your mouth and rubbing your belly at Lucky’s, head over to Casey Moran’s, located across from Wrigley Field. The sounds of the game are not only heard on the TV screens, but the nearby field itself. Not having tickets to the game doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere of it. After the seventh inning stretch, get ready to mingle with the crowds that pile in for their after game drinks.
Chicago Apartments, 3510 N Pine Grove, Bedroom
It’s early evening and the heat has you feeling a little, let’s say, “swampy”. A slight smirk comes across your face when you realize your apartment is just five minutes away. This means you have time to freshen up and be back on the scene within 30 minutes.
Chicago Apartments, 3510 N Pine Grove, Living Room
After your quick shower and change of clothes, you send a text to your friends, only to find out they made their way to Joe’s Sports Bar on Weed Street. A four minute walk to the Red Line, a five minute train ride to North Ave/Clybourn stop, plus a short three minute walk to the bar, and you’ll make your friends think you perfected time travel. You can keep that smirk on your face the rest of the night as you keep getting asked “seriously, how did you do that?”

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