A Closer Look at Nightlife in Chicago’s Gold Coast

Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Nightlife

So, you’re looking to get out tonight, but aren’t sure what’s shaking.
Chicago’s Gold Coast always has something going on, and you can find a lot of it, no matter what you’re looking for.
It’s always a good idea to have a plan before hit the town.
If your like us, we love to get out there and see whats hot in some of the best areas in Chicago.
Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at nightlife in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Basic, No-Frills Night Out

Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Nightlife
Want to go out, grab a bite, and have a few drinks with no distractions. There are lots of great places for that. PJ Clarke’s offers burgers and other basic foods and drinks. The Old Town Ale House advertises itself as the world’ premiere dive bar, and with good reason. Even if the clientele has gentrified a bit, it’s still a great dive. Rossi’s Liquors is a little far-flung from the center of Gold Coast, but it’s got great, cheap drinks and decent food. Streeter’s Tavern is a favorite at Rush and Division, a little bit lower class (and lower elevation) than some of the others in the area. There’s lots of stuff to do, but you don’t have to do anything to enjoy yourself.

Dancing and More

Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Nightlife
If you’re looking for someplace to shake a leg, there are many great places in the area. Castle advertises itself as Chicago’s only megaclub and its main room is truly a frantic place. Spy Bar has been rated one of America’s top 10 dance clubs by Rolling Stone, but that doesn’t make it an inaccessible place—everyone is welcome to come and dance. Primary has state-of-the-art design in its underground space that is focused on dancing, dancing, and great music for dancing, without pretension.

Upscale Nightlife

Chicago Apartments, Gold Coast, Nightlife
If you’re looking for someplace to go where you can wear your best clothes and fit in, Chicago has some great spots for you. The Violet Hour is a little bit further away, it’s in Wicker Park, but it’s well worth the trip, as the premiere upscale bar in Chicago. Closer to home and some may say even better—but also a little pricier—is The Aviary, which gives drinks the upscale attention they deserve. The Vertigo Sky Lounge may be a hotel bar, but this is no hangout for sad-sack salesmen trying to score the locals, it’s a stylish upscale draw, and it’s open every day. You can also head down LaSalle and hit Moe’s Cantina or Mercer One Thirteen in River North.
Of course, these are just a few suggestions. There’re tons more things to do and see in Chicago on any given night. Get out there and discover it for yourself!
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