8 New Years Resolutions for 2015

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

Some people find that New Years Resolutions are pointless.

These people either fail miserably at keeping their resolutions or they are of the view that you should try to better yourself and your life throughout the year rather than just on January First.

Whatever your thought are about New Years Resolutions, the list below contains some great ideas for bettering yourself and your life whenever you choose, be it starting January First or any day in 2015.

Battle Negative Thoughts

If you find yourself dwelling on the negative, remind yourself of everything good in your life and distract yourself. Play a game on your phone or watch a funny show.

Plan, or Don’t Plan

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

If you aren’t a planner, try it out and see if you can get your life more organized. If you are a planner (perhaps an over-planner) maybe try to let a little more spontaneity into your life.

Acknowledge Weaknesses

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

Most people focus on their strengths, which is great, but it’s also important to acknowledge your weaknesses and turn them into a positive.

Stop Multitasking

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

This one may seem odd – usually multitasking is seen as a good thing – but it’s become a detriment to some. It seems that the more people multi-task the worse their work product becomes. Try focusing on one thing at a time and live by “quality over quantity.”

Shed Time Wasters

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

We all have countless television shows, fantasy sports, games, and websites, basically time wasters that take up a lot of our day. Go through your daily routine and decide what is helping you and what is hurting you and find yourself some more time in your day.

Stop Skipping Meals

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

Weight loss is probably one of the most prevalent New Years Resolutions – which is great because striving to be healthy is a worthwhile goal. However, weight loss shouldn’t come at the price of your health. Don’t skip meals and don’t follow an extreme diet. Listen to your body and make choices that are healthy as well as beneficial to your weight loss goals.

Take More Walks

Chicago Apartments, New Years Resolutions

Get out of your apartment and walk around this great city of ours. Maybe don’t do it on a day that’s below 20 degrees though.

Make your To Do Lists Realistic: I am famous for making to do lists that never actually get crossed off because they’re impossible to accomplish in the time I set out. Don’t set yourself up for failure, be realistic with your to do lists. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our latest blog on Chicago New Year’s Eve 2015!

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