7 Best Downtown Chicago Bars

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Green Mill

There are so many bars in downtown Chicago, it can be hard for a newcomer to navigate them. But that’s why you wanted to move to a
downtown Chicago apartment, to be in the thick of the action. As you spend time in your neighborhood, you’ll find your own favorites just down the street or around the corner from your building, but until then, here are some prominent bars that you simply must try.


Fadó is a world-famous Irish pub. Yeah, there are a lot of these around, but none of them have Fadó’s history and reputation. Irish owned and operated for nearly 20 years, it’s established a great reputation as a place to get both a great pint and some outstanding food.

Timothy O’Toole’s

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Timothy O'Toole's
Timmy’s place is a great sports bar. It stands out from competitors with a well-selected 48 beers on tap to give you a great variety and there’s always something going on. Beer selections range from local craft options to nationwide favorites, and a few esoteric selections. They make sure there’s a variety of styles so you can always get what you want, and they’ll make you a beer cocktail, too.

Three Dots and a Dash

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Three Dots and a Dash
Speaking of cocktails, if you’re looking for something tropical, try this cheesy tiki themed room. It’s got great atmosphere and the cocktails are developed specifically for the bar by one of Chicago’s most famous mixologists.

Billy Goat Tavern

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Billy Goat Tavern
The Billy Goat Tavern is as stubborn as its name implies. Hanging on to a top spot in Chicago’s competitive bar scene for more than 65 years takes some doing, and this is a place that’s earned its longevity. It’s still as sassy as ever, and you can always check out who’s getting the Billy Goat Curse today.

The Green Mill

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Green Mill
The Green Mill has an even longer history than the Billy Goat. A great jazz venue that opened in 1907, the bar still welcomes some of the best jazz acts in the city. The décor retains its classic style, with Gilded Age figures and scrollwork, and it’s a place where people happily put on their period costumes and hang out.

Headquarters Beercade

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, Headquarters Beercade
For something a bit more modern, try the Headquarters Beercade. Located between Lincoln Park and Lakeview, it’s near many of our properties, and it offers a great opportunity for those of us who grew up playing video games: the opportunity to join games and beer. A wide selection of vintage games, great cocktails, and a fun atmosphere make this bar a highly-rated and fun hangout.

RM Champagne Salon

Chicago Apartments, Downtown Bars, RM Champagne Salon
If you are looking for something upscale that caters to a more refined taste, go west to the RM Champagne Salon. This is not an upscale bar–it’s modeled after the types of salons and cafes that attracted starving artists in early 20th century Paris—but the champagne list is. Pages upon pages of options give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique taste from halfway across the world. And local sparkling wines are available, too.
No matter what you’re looking for, there’s many great bars around our properties. If you’re not a resident yet, what are you waiting for? Schedule a visit online or call us at 773-435-9177 to see what downtown Chicago apartments we have available for you.

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