7 Tips for Better Apartment Living!

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living

Apartment living is the best living—if you make it so. Here are a few great tricks that can turn your apartment into a great place to be.

Turn Your Apartment into the TARDIS

While you can’t literally make your apartment bigger on the inside, you can sure make it seem that way. Light is your primary tool for improving the apparent size of your room. Dark-colored furniture and decorations can give your apartment a tomb-like gloom, which can make it feel claustrophobic. Simply patterned and light-colored furniture and bedding will brighten up the place and make it feel larger. Stuck with a dark-colored hand-me-down couch? A slip cover or even a sheet can brighten it up. Use color accents to give personality without sucking up the light.
Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living
Get rid of clutter and don’t have more furniture than you need. For example, don’t have seating for your maximum turnout of guests. Make sure all the residents have a seat and utilize comfortable folding chairs when you have guests.
Use window treatments that let as much light in as possible. Mirrors also help enlarge a space visually.

There’s No Room for Fighting

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living
If you are living with others in your apartment, nothing is more important than defusing tension with them, whether they are roommates, significant other, kids, or pets (anything other than a fish in a tank has as much power to ruin your life as a person does). With your human counterparts, work out living arrangements early on. Establish clear rules and conflict resolution plans. Never go to bed angry, or who knows how you’ll wake up feeling. Have a retreat plan for when you’re just too angry to cope and need some space.

The City Is Your Home

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living

One of the great things about an apartment is that it gives you good incentive to live as much out of your house as in it. You can and should get to know all the places where you can hang out in your building or your neighborhood when you’re looking for a change of scenery. Especially important is finding somewhere you can always go if you absolutely need to get out because of personal conflict, whether it’s the gym in your building or a coffee shop around the corner.

Make the Landlord Your Friend

Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living
Many good tenants don’t get the consideration they deserve because their landlord doesn’t know them. Don’t let bad tenants be the only ones your landlord knows by name—take time to talk to your landlord, super, and other management personnel on the property. This may come in handy later, and, at the very least, it will help you feel like you’re more a part of your community. They may share your interests or know someone who does, and suddenly your apartment life is a lot less lonely. Every PPM building has a live in friendly engineer, who are always there to help. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or if you need help with your apartment. They are there to help.
Also, talking to your landlord when you don’t need anything makes the conversation that much easier when you do.

Settle in

Some people treat apartment living as if they were a fugitive and need to be able to pick up and run at short notice. Make your apartment your home. Decorate it comfortably so that it feels like your space, even if you’re renting. You don’t have to own property to have a place that’s your own.


Chicago Apartments, Apartment Living
There are a lot of things you can’t change about your apartment in terms of the appliances and fixtures, but there are some things you can. Contact paper, custom knobs, and other little touches go a long way in the kitchen. A toilet seat can improve the appearance of your bathroom, and new fixtures like a new shower head can make a big difference in how your bathroom looks and functions. You may even be able to talk your landlord into an upgrade of some of the appliances if you can make it worth their while.

Make Your Apartment More Efficient

Many of us get a more expensive apartment than we should’ve because it was just so much nicer. This can leave your monthly budget straining a little. However, increasing the efficiency in your apartment can put a little beer money back in your pocket each month. Energy efficient bulbs and smart power strips can cut your electricity usage significantly, and it’s not a bad idea to clean the coils on your fridge to help it run more efficiently. Sealing around windows can help with heating, and turning down your water heater settings will also make a big difference.
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