7 Items We Love From Crate & Barrel

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel

We’re big fans of Crate & Barrel’s homeware accessories and furniture options. The brand is known for its commitment to both style and functionality, and their website showcases a wide selection of pieces ranging from contemporary to classic aesthetics. Their high-quality products do not disappoint. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite items you can currently score from Crate & Barrel. Check them out below.


Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Pillow

Image: Crate & Barrel

Silk Ikat Pillow
We love the bright contrast of blue and pink in this silk pillow. We see it looking best set against a neutral-colored couch, so the colors would really *pop*. According to the website, these pillows are hand-dyed, which gives each one its own unique characteristics.

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Pillow

Image: Crate & Barrel

Amias Block Print Pillows

Pillow sets are a simple way to add some cohesiveness to your living area. When paired on a sofa, they can add both texture and additional comfort. This handwoven set features a geometric print with fringe, making them an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of modern flair to their apartment’s decor. You can purchase this set in two sizes, so they can work for a larger sectional or a smaller loveseat. Choose from the square or rectangular options.

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Pillow

Image: Crate & Barrel

Acacias Tweed Pillow

Classic meets boho with this unique tweed pillow. It features bold and bright hues layered with muted tones, giving it an artful look. On the back, brown velvet balances out the colorful tweed fabric. We love how this pillow is both playful and sophisticated.


Furniture & Accessories

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Pouf

Image: Crate & Barrel

Marcin Clay Knit Pouf

When you live in a small space, seating can get complicated. Enter: poufs. These comfy little pieces can double as seats or foot stands, depending on what you need at the time. This knit pouf comes in a neutral color, which will make it blend well in almost any living room setting. The unique rounded shape makes it as aesthetically pleasing as it is comfortable.

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Lamp

Image: Crate & Barrel

Avenue Brass Table Lamp

The right lamp can add a chic touch to any room, and this one is particularly elegant. The glass base gives it an understated look, while the brass accents provide a sleek and modern touch. The lamp includes a linen shade, a finishing touch that keeps it both casual and cool. We can see this lamp working well in either a living room or on a bedside table. Bonus: This lamp includes a convenient USB port.

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Plants

Image: Crate & Barrel

Potted Nasturtium

You don’t have to have a plant-free home just because you aren’t a pro when it comes to indoor gardening. For those without green thumbs, artificial plants can be a much-needed solution. This one features large, rounded leaves and a neutral grey pot. This handcrafted piece requires no maintenance and provides the joy of a real plant without the work.

Chicago Apartments, Crate & Barrel Mirror

Image: Crate & Barrel

Element Round Gunmetal Mirror

Mirrors are one of the best tools available for making a small space look larger. They’re also a great decorative wall alternative to art. We love the offbeat design of this rounded mirror. The matted gunmetal frame has a freeform shape that gives it a fun feel.


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