6 Ways To Repurpose Old Pillows

Chicago Apartments, Reusing Old Pillows

By now, you know that reusing household items is one of the easiest steps you can take to start living more sustainably. However, some things are more obviously worth holding onto than others. Objects like glass jars and containers make sense to save because they can easily be washed and reused. But what about other household items that you may want to reuse, but aren’t sure what to do with them? Pillows are a great example of a household item that can be reused in some unexpected, practical ways. Check out our favorite ways to repurpose old pillows below.

Make Cleaning Rags

You can never have too many cleaning rags, especially if you’re trying to live a green lifestyle. To be as environmentally-friendly as possible, you should aim to use cleaning towels or rags as often as possible, as opposed to paper towels, which create a lot of waste. That’s why creating cleaning rags for your apartment is one of the best ways to repurpose old pillows. There’s no “right” way to tear a pillow — You can go about it however you want, but we recommend cutting the pillow down the seam to make it easier to rip or cut rag-sized pieces out of the fabric. You can use one whole side as a large rag, or cut it up into multiple smaller rags that you can use to clean everything from spills to bathroom fixtures.

Chicago Apartments, Repurpose Old Pillows

Re-Fluff Pillows 

One pillow’s loss could be another’s gain. If your pillows have seen better days, you may be able to revitalize a few of them. But you’ll have to sacrifice at least one along the way. The trick is to use the stuffing from a couple of old pillows to re-fluff other pillows. This also works for re-fluffing stuffed animals. You can then use the pillow fabric to create cleaning rags.

Pack With Pillows

Moving is stressful, and having to carefully pack delicate items only makes matters worse. You’ve probably wrapped fragile pieces in newspaper, and maybe lined boxes with towels. Here’s another idea: provide protection for your most precious items by using your old pillows as padding. Hold onto one or two old pillows so that you have them on hand for your next move.

Chicago Apartments, Repurpose Old Pillows

Make Pillow Pet Beds

Your old pillow may be too flat for your liking, but your pet probably won’t mind that it’s deflated a little over the years. You can reuse your old pillows to create a bed or multiple comfy spots for your pet to lounge. We promise your pet will appreciate the gesture, even if your pillow isn’t up to your standards anymore. Both cats and dogs need soft places to relax and rest. Instead of purchasing a designated pet bed for your pooch or feline friend, save some money by handing down one or two of your old pillows for them.

Pillows For Home Insulation

If you ever have to deal with insulation issues, turn to an old pillow for help. The stuffing from old pillows can be used to retain heat in any places where you may have an opening to the outside. This could include windows, around your bathtub or in an attic.

Chicago Apartments, Repurpose Old Pillows

Donate Pillows To Pet Shelters

Your pets are the only animals who would appreciate your old pillows. Shelters would gladly take your old pillows to provide bedding and comfort to animals in need. While your old pillows may be too far gone for any human to enjoy, animals can still benefit from them. If you can’t find any ways to repurpose old pillows in your own apartment, find a local animal shelter and drop them off.

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