Dear Friends on Dearborn

Chicago Apartments, 1330 N Dearborn, Rooftop

With so many PPM Buildings to choose from, the options are endless. However, we realize that each of our buildings has its own unique characteristics. Not just in regards to the varying amenities and architectural details, but in regards to the residents as well. 1330 Dearborn is a unique property and one we are proud to call a PPM Gem!

Chicago Apartments, 1330 N Dearborn

Emily With One of Her Very Happy Residents!

Many of our residents at 1330 Dearborn have happily resided here for many years. At our recent tenant appreciation event we were pleased to spend time with our residents, many of whom have known each other well and consider each other long-time friends.  They shared stories and reminisced of years passed and of the changes they’ve seen in the building, while enjoying the good food and fabulous skyline view.
The most positive appraisal went to Emily and Cornel, our very hard working management team that run the building and keep our tenants so very happy. There were many accolades of “Emily is the best!”

Chicago Apartments, 1330 N Dearborn, Rooftop

Long-Time Friends and Residents

Deborah, a long-time 1330 N. Dearborn resident commented, “Emily works so hard. She keeps the common areas sparkling and everyone happy. We love her and we really enjoy living here!”
Thanks to all of our 1330 N. Dearborn residents for creating such a warm and welcoming environment that all of our tenants enjoy. And a big thanks to Emily and Cornel working so hard for their residents!

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