5 Rugs We Love From West Elm

Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs


The right rug can completely reinvent a room. When looking to redefine your space, a new rug is the optimal starting point. It’s an simple switch, but it makes a huge difference. You can transition from one style to the next seamlessly with the addition of a new rug, and West Elm offers a great variety to choose from. Check out some of our favorite West Elm rugs below. You’ve still got time to score some of those Cyber Monday deals, so don’t wait.

 Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs, Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug

Phoenix Wool Dhurrie Rug

Modern design meets Moroccan style. Handwoven by Indian artists, this rug is the regal piece your living room’s been missing. The royal blue and burnt orange colors can provide a unique pop of color to your space. The design is fun without being overwhelming, so it could fit right into a more minimal space without looking out of place.

 Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs, Kite Wool Kilim Rug

Kite Wool Kilim Rug

The diamond-themed design of this rug would pair well with most living spaces. The pattern is fairly modern with a touch of boho, a combination that consistently “wows” us. You can get this rug in Lapis, Midnight, True Blue, or Iron.

Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs, Distressed Arabesque Rug

Distressed Arabesque Wool Rug

Distressed rugs are trending, and we aren’t complaining one bit. This West Elm option features gorgeous tones of deep blue. The distressed aspect gives it a vintage feel we love. These distressed rugs are all one of a kind, which makes each one a little extra special.

Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs, Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug

Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug

The Sun-Kissed Landscape Rug from West Elm is like a piece of modern art in rug form. It features stunning tones of blue, grey, and yellow. This rug is both beautiful and durable—it’s especially great for high-traffic areas of your apartment, thanks to durable materials. If you plan on hosting company for the holiday season, this rug would be a great choice.

Chicago Apartments, West Elm Rugs, Ikat Mix Rug

Ikat Mix Rug

This Ikat Mix Rug features a vibrant, cool design that can easily elevate the feel of your apartment. We love its versatility—it could be styled up or down depending on your room’s aesthetic. Even better, it can be used outside on your porch or balcony during warmer months. It’s shed-resistant and the texture is super soft.


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