5 Practical Tips To Live More Sustainably

Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips, Reusable Straws

You don’t have to give up the luxuries of modern living to live more sustainably. Small steps can go a long way. In fact, there are plenty of tiny tweaks you can make to your daily routine that will help you lower your carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle. If you want to live more sustainably, consider these practical tips (many of which you can do at home in your apartment).


Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips

Skip The Plastic Bags

Cities across the U.S. are banning plastic bags. But if yours hasn’t done so yet, you can take matters into your own hands. The next time you’re offered a plastic bag, say “no, thanks”. Purchase some cheap reusable bags instead of relying on the plastic kind. The same goes for straws — skip the straw, or purchase some reusable metal ones if you don’t want to give up your sipping.


Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips

Be Done With Disposables

Don’t stop at plastic bags and straws. If you want to live more sustainably, skip disposables altogether (or at least as much as possible). Plastic utensils, plastic cups, disposables razors — these things will all end up in a landfill someday, so it’s best to limit your usage as much as possible. Stick with reusable items as much as possible.


Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips

Buy Local

Buying local doesn’t only support your neighbors—it’ll help you live more sustainably, too. Food from far away lands has to get to your city somehow, and that means pollution and toxins to the environment. Buy local goods to lower your environmental impact.


Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips

Skip The Printer

It’s 2019. You really don’t need to be printing out your tickets anymore, do you? For the most part, places like airports and venues allow you to present your card digitally. Save some paper (and trees) and don’t print your tickets moving forward.


Chicago Apartments, Sustainable Living Tips

Resell Or Donate

Think twice before tossing out items. Consider other uses for your belongings before throwing them away. That doesn’t mean you need a cluttered apartment; if it’s time to part ways with something, do it the sustainable way by donating it to a thrift store, reselling it, or recycling it.


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