5 Items We Love From CB2

Chicago Apartments, CB2 Furniture

CB2 is another one of our favorite places to shop for home goods and accessories. They offer all the quality and style of their parent store, Crate & Barrel, with some modern twists. When it comes to modern apartment decor, CB2 cannot be beaten (in our humble opinions). They’re the go-to spot for all things mid-century modern, and many of their pieces are intentionally designed to fit well in small spaces, making them an ideal choice for apartment renters. Check out some of our favorite items you can currently purchase at CB2 below (some of which are on sale!)

Chicago Apartments, CB2 Mirror

Image: CB2

Gaze Vanity Mirror

Your search for the ultimate vanity mirror is officially over. This sleek mirror is the perfect size of shape for gazing into as you put on your makeup or skincare products. The slight angle is ultra-flattering, and the handmade marble base elevates the look from simple to sophisticated.

Chicago Apartments, CB2 Table

Image: CB2

Peekaboo Console Table

This one’s for all you small space dwellers. When your goal is to make your apartment appear larger, see-through furniture is a must. This CB2 console table is totally clear, so it will blend right into whatever it’s up against (literally). Objects sitting on top will appear to float, and it won’t take up any precious visual space in your apartment. Instead, it will help create an open, airy look in your home. We just love it!

CB2 Bathroom Runner, Chicago Apartments

Image: CB2

Cirrus Grey Bath Runner

Nothing beats a soft, absorbent rug to step onto when you’re finished showering, and this one fits the bill. The Cirrus Bath Runner in grey features chenille pom poms that are soft and fluffy, giving your feet some much-needed protection from a cold tile bathroom floor. It’s thick, so it has some serious lasting power. If you aren’t a fan of the charcoal grey look, the runner also comes in white or black.

CB2 Pillow, Chicago Apartments

Image: CB2

Esther Grey Knit Pillow

For the boho lovers, we think you’ll fall for this textured pillow. It’s basically a pillow version of your favorite fall sweater. It has a unique macrame-style knit, and would pair nicely with macrame plant hangers. Perfect for cozying up with on the couch, this pillow will add a touch of warmth to any home. And it’s a must for the upcoming cool weather season.

Chicago Apartments, CB2 Coasters

Image: CB2

Brown Agate Coasters

Coasters are one of our favorite home accessories because they open the door to add some creative touches to your space without having to commit to anything too large. Also, coasters are absolutely necessary if you want to protect your coffee table. These coasters bring will bring a natural, chic touch to your apartment. We love the unique look of the brown agate and uneven edges — they naturally vary in shape and color, so the pair you buy will be uniquely yours.

Chicago Apartments, CB2 Lights

Image: CB2

Loves Neon Red

This heart-shaped neon light doubles as a piece of pop art and a light fixture. We love the quirky vibe this light gives of while still remaining understated and sleek. This piece would look especially great in a living room, but it would also work as a soft-light in any bedroom.


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