5 Houseplants You Only Need To Water Once A Month

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants

Houseplants require various amounts of water, light, and care depending on their type. If you’re new to indoor gardening, mastering this balancing act can prove to be difficult. That’s why if you’re just beginning to explore the world of houseplants, a low-maintenance option is likely your best bet. A plant that doesn’t require too much water is a good starting point to ease into the plant-care process and will allow you some wiggle room as you begin to learn how to best take care of your plant. Here are our suggestions for some good house plant options you’ll only need to water once a month.

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants, Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake plants are best known for their unique, striped green leaves that reach upwards towards the sky. These plants can be relatively tall, yet they don’t need much water to survive. In fact, these plants tend to be best when they’re pretty much ignored. Just be sure to water on occasion, and allow the soil to dry all the way in between waterings.

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants, Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Jade plants do well in low-lit spaces and only need water about once or twice a month. Their rounded green leaves and thick branches give it a cute look that many love to include in their home’s decor. If they aren’t receiving proper care, jade plants will let you know—their leaves will begin to wrinkle if they don’t receive adequate hydration.

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants, Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are highly regarded for their low-maintenance levels and aesthetically pleasing shape. While dormant, they only need water about once a month. To prevent the leaves from turning yellow, wipe them down with a cloth every so often.

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants, Air Plant

Air Plant

Air plants are arguably the easiest type of house plant of them all. No soil is required—a spritz of water is all they need to flourish. If you’re unsure of your plant-caring abilities, Air Plants are a good place to start.

Chicago Apartments, Low Maintenance Houseplants, Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron plant can hold up almost as good as its namesake. These plants can tolerate the toughest of variables, including low light and low humidity. They’d rather be dry than too wet, so no need to worry about watering them too often.