5 Home Decor Finds To Buy At Target Today

Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor

We’ve all been there: You head to Target to pick up a few household items. Two hours later, you’re walking out of the store with a cart full of stuff you just had to have. No shame—It happens to the best of us. Target offers pretty much everything you could ever need, and Target’s home good brands are especially alluring due to their on-trend designs and budget-friendly price tags. We’ve rounded up five of our current favorite home decor items from Target, so you’ll know exactly what to add to your cart next time you walk in the store. Just try to stick to your list this time. We dare you.

Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor, Marble Top Round Table



Marble Top Round Table

We adore the look of this Amherst Mid-Century Modern Marble Top Round Table from Target. The sleek, geometric design is modern and minimalist, two design elements we currently love. A piece like this is so versatile it can work in a variety of spaces, from a bedroom to an entryway. The gold and marble details will help to elevate the feel of a room without looking over-the-top or gaudy. We think this would pair especially well with one or two small houseplants.


Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor, Ellis Tripod Floor Lamp



Ellis Tripod Floor Lamp

Lighting is one of the most influential elements of any room, as it determines the overall “feel” of the space. When a room is too bright, it can take away from a cozy vibe you may be hoping to encompass. Floor lamps are great alternative light sources for living rooms when you don’t want the brightness of overhead lighting. The Ellis Tripod Floor Lamp is an excellent choice due to its aesthetically pleasing, sleek design. This lamp will add a bit of sophisticated luxury to your apartment.


Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor, Amherst Mid Century Modern Coffee Table



Amherst Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

This Amherst Mid Century Modern Coffee Table from Target is pretty much perfect. It’s basic without being boring, and its no-frills design means it will complement almost any color palette in your space. The retro design will bring a nostalgic feel to your space without looking outdated. It’s a great starting point to build a room around.


Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor, Josephine Mid Century Modern Sofa


Josephine Mid Century Modern Sofa

Attention: Your search is over. We’ve found the perfect sofa. This Josephine Mid-Century Modern sofa is ideal for apartment life, particularly for those who live in smaller spaces. Its compact size means it can easily work in a studio or one-bedroom apartment. This comfy sofa comes in three colors: Burnt orange, Dark gray, or blue. These muted tones can work as neutrals, so pick one that will work with your current color scheme.


Chicago Apartments, Target Home Decor, Bar Cart


Wood & Glass Gold Finish Bar Cart

We’re big proponents of bar carts, and this one is the best we’ve seen in a while. The sleek design of this Wood & Glass Gold Finish Bar Cart means it will fit well in a small hallway or dining area, and the gold trim gives it a vintage feel we love. Bar carts can instantly upgrade your apartment by adding a sophisticated element without taking up too much space. They can be pricey, but this one is relatively affordable (plus, it’s currently on sale!)


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