5 Houseplants That Are Dangerous To Pets

Chicago Apartments, Dangerous Houseplants

Houseplants provide loads of benefits ranging from mood elevation to air-purifying properties. Unfortunately, though, some houseplants pose a risk to pets. What’s scary is that many people aren’t aware that some of the most common household plants can actually be dangerous to cats and dogs. The last thing any pet owner wants it so inadvertently put their furbaby in danger. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular houseplants that are dangerous to pets. Bookmark this page and use it as a guide while plant-shopping so you don’t accidentally buy a potentially harmful plant.

Chicago Apartments, Philodendron Houseplant


Philodendrons are loved for their low-maintenance car requirements and beautiful leaves. But when it comes to houseplants that are dangerous to pets, philodendrons are guilty. When ingested by pets, they can result in a swollen mouth or tongue, indigestion, or seizures.


Chicago Apartments, Aloe Houseplant


Come summertime, aloe becomes a best friend to those of us with sunburnt-prone skin. But if you’re a pet parent, you shouldn’t keep any aloe plants in your apartment. The aloe plant can cause digestive issues in pets if ingested. If you get a sunburn, opt for the gel version instead to keep your furbabies safe from harm.


Chicago Apartments, Lily Houseplant


As beautiful as lilies are, they can be poisonous to pets. Both the Easter and Stargazer varieties can be fatal to cats, so if you’re a feline parent, keep them away from your apartment. If you’re a flower lover, choose some other blooms for your home instead.


Chicago Apartments, Pothos Ivy Houseplant

Pothos Ivy

We’ve previously touted the benefits of the pothos ivy. But if you’re a pet owner, we suggest finding an alternative. Pothos ivy can irritate a dog or cat’s mouth if ingested, so it’s better to keep it out of your apartment.


Chicago Apartments, Jade Houseplant

Jade Plant

Jade plants are widely popular, but they’re another houseplant that can be dangerous to pets. Why exactly these plants are harmful to pets is not completely understood. However, cats and dogs have been known to have stomach issues, such as vomiting, after ingesting a jade plant. Jade also poses another less known danger to pets: depression.

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