4 Ways To Create Your Own Apartment Art On A Budget

Chicago Apartments, Living Room, DIY Apartment Art

Art should be accessible to everyone. However, art can be really costly, especially if you’re shopping for prints or original pieces for your apartment’s decor. There are several ways to get around this obstacle, but there’s one we like most (because it’s the most fun)—create your own apartment art. Here are a few different ways you can create your own apartment art on a budget. Try out one of these DIY art projects this weekend.

Chicago Apartments, DIY Apartment Art

Create Your Own Canvas

You don’t have to spend a fortune on art prints. If you want to decorate your apartment with large photos or images, you can submit the artwork of your choosing to a website and they’ll create custom prints for you. They’ll then ship them to your door. Websites like Shutterfly or  CanvasOnDemand allow you to order personalized canvas prints with your choice of size, style, and more.

 Chicago Apartments, DIY Apartment Art

Make Your Own Abstract Act

Channel your inner Rothko or Pollock and create your own abstract art for a fraction of the cost to buy a similar-styled print. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own cool black and white abstract piece for your apartment.

 Chicago Apartments, DIY Apartment Art

Frame a Wallpaper or Fabric Sample

If you fall in love with wallpaper or a piece of fabric, you can use it in your home without doing a full makeover. Try framing a piece of the wallpaper or fabric and hanging it like wall art to bring some of the vibes you love into your living room (or any room). Check out this tutorial here.

 Chicago Apartments, DIY Apartment Art

Create a Hanging Succulent Garden

We’re huge fans of houseplants, and we love this creative way to display them in your home. Here’s a tutorial for how to create your own hanging succulent garden. You’ll be adding a new piece of art to your wall while also creating a special space for your succulents.


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