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Hannah from Seamless Organizing offers us her expert advice on how to organize a studio apartment effectively:

I reside in a 380 sq. ft. studio apartment and know first hand the difficulties of living in a small space.  Storage space can be seemingly non-existent if you don’t know where to look.  Here are some simple tips to optimize the space in your apartment:
1.) Always choose double-duty furniture: Make sure any furniture you purchase for your small space can be used as hidden storage.  For example, use a trunk or large storage ottoman instead of a regular coffee table.  Or, make a side table out of a few lidded baskets stacked one on top of another.  The point is, if a piece of furniture takes up a significant amount of floor space it should earn that space by doubling as storage.
2.) Look up: A lack of floor space doesn’t mean your options are limited on purchasing furniture for storage.  Vertical space, usually the best option for storage, is often under-utilized in small apartments.  Get tall shelves to add extra storage for books and DVDs, and to be an extension of your clothes closet.  Put frequently used items within reach, and things you use less often on the top shelves.  Also, use decorative bins and baskets to store smaller objects that you don’t want left in plain view. 
3.) Store more that just dust bunnies under your bed:  Purchasing inexpensive bed risers can double the amount of storage space under your bed, which is a great spot for storing out of season clothing and seasonal decorations.  And by getting underbed storage bins with wheels, it is easy to access your clothes while protecting them from dust.
4.) If you don’t use it, why keep it?  Sort through your stuff a few times a year to determine what things you could live without, and send them to your local donation center.  This allows you to clear space for the things that you really need and love.
Seamless Organizing is a Chicago-based professional organizing company that works directly clients to de-clutter problem areas in their Chicago apartments, homes, and offices by creating custom organizing solutions.  They add creativity to every project and are dedicated to making professional organizing services more accessible to the average Chicagoan.
For more information, or to book a free consultation, visit the Seamless Organizing website or call (314) 210-6261.

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